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General Policy Statements


Use of Society Stationery
Officers, Council members, committee chairs, and representatives are cautioned in the judicious use of society letterhead when performing their responsibilities. Society stationery must not be used to take a viewpoint or action on behalf of the society unless authorized to do so by the president or Council. The president and the senior councilor-at-large should provide the following policy statement to all society officers and committee chairs:

Members of the American Phytopathological Society, especially members of Council, the Public Policy Board, the Office of International Programs, and society committees, are reminded that they do not and may not speak for or on behalf of the society without the express permission of the President or Council of the American Phytopathological Society. This prohibition includes the use of APS letterhead when making a statement of a technical, economic, or political nature. Members of the APS speak only for themselves as professional scientists when giving opinions or making statements.

APS Leader Eligibility
Leaders of APS Council, Administrative Groups and Editorial Boards (ex: EIC, chair, director, etc.) may not simultaneously hold a similar or corresponding position within APS unless authorized due to the nature of that appointment (i.e. APS treasurer is the treasurer of APS Foundation and chair of FAC.)


Travel Reimbursement
Individuals who perform services for the society that are authorized by the APS Constitution and/or by the direct authority of the APS Council are entitled to request reimbursement for travel costs. Expenses are governed by the following policies.

Travel Costs
The reimbursable amount shall not exceed the dollar value of tourist class round-trip airfare for travel from the point of origin (usually the individual's hometown) to the point where services are performed. When normal air travel is provided only at other than tourist-class rates, reimbursement for such shall be made at the rate charged the traveler.

Reasonable taxi fares or mileage in personal vehicle to and from the traveler's personal residence to the airport and to and from the airport to the hotel or motel are also reimbursable expenses.

If the traveler elects to drive a personal vehicle, the amount claimed for reimbursement for expenses shall be determined as follows:

  1. The amount claimed shall not exceed the dollar value of tourist-class round-trip airfare for normal travel between the point of origin and destination.
  2. For short distance travel where air travel is inappropriate, actual mileage traveled is reimbursed at the government rate.

The traveler must attach the back page of the travel ticket or a statement of actual miles to the claim for reimbursement.

Per Diem Expenses
Individuals who provide APS-authorized services are reimbursed for motel or hotel accommodations at the rate charged for single occupancy rooms. Additional charges for personal services and accommodations for the individual's family members will not be reimbursed.

Reimbursements for meals and necessary expenses associated with the service provided are made on the basis of actual expenses.

Submit hotel or motel receipt and a tabulation of other expenses when a reimbursement claim is submitted, unless other arrangements have been made in advance by APS.

Eligible Persons: As used in this policy statement, persons eligible for reimbursement include: APS Editorial Boards when authorized by Council (travel of editors-in-chief to national meetings is authorized by the Executive Committee only for specific cases); APS officer travel to represent the society and participate in Council-authorized meetings (excluding the annual meeting except for specific cases authorized by the Executive Committee); executive vice president or other staff to discharge job responsibility; members of the Public Policy Board for travel related to Board activities, APS representatives to certain scientific societies and organizations when approved by Council or the treasurer; certain special session speakers who are not APS members when invited to participate in Council-approved special sessions; and other invited guests of the society. Council members attending meetings of Council are eligible for reimbursement of expenses incurred in attending those meetings. Reimbursement of travel expenses for Council members is not authorized for attendance at annual meetings.

Travel expense reimbursement forms are available from APS headquarters. Completed forms with appropriate receipts attached must be submitted to the executive vice president for approval and payment.

Issuance of Position Statements
It may be appropriate for the society to take public positions on certain issues that are within the society's area of interest and would benefit from society advocacy. Drafts of potential position statements may be developed by any member or group within the society and forwarded to the president. The president, or appropriate representative, will work in an editorial capacity with the person or group who drafted the statement and then submit the final draft to the Council for consideration. Approval of the statement to be issued on behalf of the society shall require a positive vote from at least 2/3 of the members of Council. If in the judgment of Council, the statement should also receive direct member approval before being issued, it shall be submitted to the membership by mail for a ballot vote. If voted on by mail ballot, approval of the statement to be issued on behalf of the society shall require a positive vote from 2/3 of the members who return ballots. Approved position statements shall be submitted to the executive vice president, or other person deemed appropriate by the president, who shall see that the statement is printed on appropriate society stationery and released publicly to the press, government agencies, and by other appropriate means. Nothing in this policy shall be construed to inhibit the president, or appropriate representatives, from taking routine actions on behalf of the society or providing information requested by outside groups.