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Council Nomination/Application Process

Member Expertise and Enthusiasm Needed

This is your opportunity as a member of APS to nominate colleagues or indicate your own interest in service to APS for vice president or councilor at large on the APS Council. Members may either self-nominate or they may be nominated by others.  

Nominations Process​

For the positions of Vice President and Councilor-at-Large, we are seeking individuals who are respected in the field of plant pathology; possess leadership experiences in APS and a record of follow-through and results in various APS activities; have a vision for the society; and are good mentors of others. Please consider these attributes in making nominations. International members, industry members, or members in any other demographic segment of APS will be seriously considered along with other nominations​.

Call for Nominations will open in June.

Application Process

Nominees who meet the basic nomination criteria (above) will be approached by the Nominations Committee to submit an application. This is a variation on past practice when nominees were contacted to determine if they would be willing to stand for election and if they accepted, they were asked to submit a bio and vision statement for publication in Phytopathology News. We’re just turning the process around a little b​it, asking for the bio earlier in the process to save some time and build a talent pool for the future. 

Application ​deadline closes in February. 

Submit application​​

Questions? Contact APS Nominations Committee members with questions.​