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Appointment of Members to APS General Policy and Subject Matter Committees

Process for soliciting new committee members
  1. Members may volunteer for committee service by contacting the chair of the committee on which they wish to serve prior to or during the annual meeting
  2. Committee chairs have the authority to solicit interest in committee membership from attendees at the committee meetings held at the national meeting.
  3. Members may nominate other members for membership on a committee as stated above.

Process for appointing members to APS committees

Chairs of the general policy and subject matter committees work with the senior councilor-at-large of APS (chair of the Committee-on-Committees) and a designated member of APS staff to appoint members to their committees. Each of these three individuals has distinct duties, as specified below.

Duties of the committee chairs and vice chairs

  1. Compile and submit a list of qualified nominees. The committee chair will work with the vice chair to compile a list of nominees as part of the Annual Committee Report Form which is due before the conclusion of the annual meeting. The following criteria should be considered:
    1. Nominee is an APS member: Each nominee must be listed in the electronic APS membership directory. If a nominee is not listed in the directory, but would otherwise be eligible for committee membership, the chair will inform the nominee that they cannot be appointed unless they join APS.
    2. Nominee is willing to serve on the committee: Chairs will verify the nominees willingness to serve, indicating so on the nomination form.
    3. Chairs should recommend for committee membership the nominees who best attain the following goals for the committee:
      • high standard of excellence in the profession of plant pathology, and
      • breadth in professional experience, achieved through geographic distribution of members across the US and internationally, and by employer (academic, industry, government), and membership type (regular, post-doc, graduate student, etc.).
  2. Notification of appointments to committees. Upon confirmation from staff committee chairs are responsible for informing each new member of his or her appointment to the committee. This is the time to welcome the member and inform him or her of issues being discussed by the committee. The senior councilor-at-large and staff must be notified if any member declines membership at this point
  3. Notification to nominees who were not appointed. Chairs are responsible for notifying individuals who volunteered or were nominated, but not appointed to their committees due to their membership status. These individuals should be encouraged to join APS.

Duties of the senior councilor-at-large

  1. Provide instructions orally and in written form to the chairs and vice-chairs at the Orientation for Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs at each annual meeting.
  2. Encourage new volunteers to contact the appropriate committee chair prior to the annual meeting through electronic means and through an article in Phytopathology News.
  3. Oversee the committee member appointment and serve as a resource person to committee chairs.

Duties of APS Staff.

  1. Construct an E-mail list of committee chairs and vice-chairs and distribute that list to the in-coming senior councilor-at-large, SPB director, Internal Communications Officer, and vice president following the annual meeting.
  2. Maintain the committee database and distribute current rosters to the committee chairs and senior councilor-at-large following the annual meeting or at the orientation session.
  3. Communicate status of the committee appointment process to the senior councilor-at-large and notify chairs of final appointments.

Length of service for committee members and chairs

All committee members are appointed to 3-year terms, renewable at the committees’ discretion.

Effective date of appointment to committees

All committee members begin their term on a committee at the end of the annual committee meeting. Their service on that committee concludes at the end of the APS annual meeting 3 years later.

Committee chairs begin and end their service as chair at the end of the APS annual meeting. This will make it necessary for the outgoing and incoming chairs to work together in nominating and appointing new committee members.