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​Guidelines for Committee Leadership​

  1. Attend, with vice-chairs, the APS annual ​orientation webinar for committee chairs, led by the Councilors-at-Large​.
  2. Prepare the agenda for committee meetings, notify all current and incoming members of the time and place of meetings, take minutes of meetings, and chairs the meeting. The vice-chair or other representative will assume these responsibilities in the absence of the chair.
  3. Fulfill the following reporting requirements:
    1. Submit the online Annual Committee Report Form by the required deadline. Failure to submit a report for two consecutive years may result in termination of the committee.
    2. Maintain the committee community page on APSnet annually to include activities, records, minutes, conference calls, etc. and see to the orderly transfer of all records and information to the incoming chair.
    3. Inform APS headquarters staff​ and the appropriate program coordinator (see section on Annual Meeting Board​) of the proposed use of funds collected from outside sources in support of programs and arrangements for disbursement for the annual meeting.​
  4. Serve on the Annual Meeting Program Committee and attend, along with the vice chair, all of its meetings at the annual meeting of the society.
  5. Coordinate plans for meetings ancillary to the annual meeting with the Director of the Annual Meeting Board.
  6. Be aware of and inform committee members of legal ramifications their actions may have upon APS. Any action or commitment in the name of the society, or any commitment of funds of the society, must have prior written approval of Council.
  7. Appoint new members to committee and adhere to APS policy in doing so. (Committee Member Appointment Process)
  8. Ensure effective chair rotation/appointment:
    1. Lead committee in vice chair appointment before the end of the APS Annual Meeting and include the newly appointed vice chair on the Annual Committee Report Form.
      1. this is a one year appointment effective the last day of the annual meeting
      2. they become chair the following year at the end of the annual meeting
      3. chairs then serve for a term of one year, but may serve two terms consecutively.
      4. It is advisable that an APS member serve as chair or vice chair of one of the same committee type (i.e., Subject Matter Expertise​ or Career Pathway).
      5. chairs serve on the committee for one additional year as i​mmediate past chair.
  9. Committee chairs may submit a proposal for voluntary termination of their committee. This recommendation must include a complete accounting of votes, a listing of members of the committee who were present, and the primary reasons for voting in favor of termination. If less than half of the members of the committee are present at the time of voting, Council may accept the recommendation from the committee chair or request that a second vote be taken to include all current members.