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​Excellence in Extension Award

The Excellence in Extension Award recognizes an APS member for excellence in extension plant pathology. Nominees will be individuals who have made outstanding contributions by creating, developing, or implementing extension-related programs or materials or who have provided significant leadership in an area of extension plant pathology. Supporting information could include descriptions of significant clientele educational programs; development of information transfer materials, such as bulletins, fact sheets, books, newspaper and magazine articles, computer software and networks, video tapes, radio and television programs, and interactive video conferences; and evidence of leadership in local, regional, or national extension programs or professional organizations. Specific examples of the creativity and impact of the nominee’s programs should be emphasized. Information on research, teaching, public policy education, and other activities supportive of extension should be included in the nomination.

Fellows are not eligible to be nominated for excellence awards except when the new nominations are for accomplishments different from that on which the Fellow nomination was based, and the new accomplishment has occurred after recognition as a Fellow.

Nomination Guidelines​


2024 Michelle Moyer​
20​23 Jay Pscheidt​​
2022 Daren Mueller​​ 
2021 A. Martinez-Espinoza​
2020 B. Shew​
2019 B. ​Gugino​​
2018 A. J. Gevens 
2017 F. J. Louws ​
2016 D. Langston

2015 G. Schnabel
2013 S. T. Koike 
2014 M.F.R. Khan
2012 G. E. Ruhl
2011 G. A. Chastagner
2010 G. G. Grove

2009 A. Dorrance
2008 M. Hausbeck
2007 D. Hershman
2006 M. McMullen
2005 M. Putnam
2004 J. Travis
2003 E. Brown
2002 T. Zitter
2001 P. Lipps
2000 M. Ellis
1999 G. Tylka
1998 W.D. Gubler
1997 M. L. Gleason
1996 J. Watkins
1995 H. F. Schwartz
1994 P. M. Phipps
1993 T. A. Kucharek
1992 H. R. Dillard
1991 M. C. Shurtleff
1990 J. M. Amador
1989 W. R. Stevenson

​*Please note that all bios linke​d from this page were published at the time of​ the received award and may not be current​.