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James W. Travis

Dr. James W. Travis is a professor of plant pathology at The Pennsylvania State University. He received a B.A. degree in biology from Gettysburg College, an M.S. degree in entomology from The Pennsylvania State University, and a Ph.D. degree in plant pathology from North Carolina State University in 1981.

He has responsibility for extension education in tree fruits and grapes. Dr. Travis has developed a creative program that has resulted in new technologies, improved pest management programs, and efficient delivery systems that benefit both the fruit industry and extension educators.

Dr. Travis has published 21 refereed journal articles, delivered the plenary address on expert systems at the APS Annual Meeting in 1988, was the co-author of a review of expert systems in the 1991 Annual Review of Phytopathology, and was instrumental in the development of four computer-based decision support programs for fruit growers.

Most recently, Dr. Travis has been a leader in the effort to eradicate Plum pox virus from Pennsylvania. Soon after the outbreak was discovered in October 1999, he led a team in developing a color fact sheet, a pocket field guide, and a video that brought to light the devastating impact the disease was having on Pennsylvania fruit growers. In recognition of the promptness and quality of the plum pox education program, Dr. Travis and his cooperators have received several prestigious awards.

He is an active participant in extension activities at Penn State, regionally and nationally, having served as chair of both divisional and national APS extension committees.