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APS Public Policy Early Career Internship

​Would you like to gain insights into how plant pathologists can impact public policy?

Early Career Internship​

 The APS Public Policy Board (PPB) is committed to developing future leaders to engage in science policy that relates generally to agricultural science and specifically to matters of interest to the APS. Through the PPB Early Career internship program, interns experience many sides of policy-making, including helping to identify advocacy issues and learning how scientific societies, nongovernmental organizations, executive branch agencies (e.g., USDA, NSF, EPA), and the legislative branch interact in crafting public policy. Some of the benefits of the internship are honing communication and leadership skills and building connections with scientists and administrators from academia, industry, and government.  

This internship is open to APS early career members, which includes current graduate students, postdoctoral associates and junior professionals. The PPB early career intern will participate in PPB activities from August 2021-August 2023. In the first year of the internship, the intern will be expected to participate in monthly PPB calls and in the preparation of newsletter items and policy white papers. At the end of the internship, the intern will prepare a written and/or oral report on the experience for delivery to PPB and the APS membership. Other activities may include, but are not limited to: meetings to establish the PPB policy agenda-setting; development, tracking, and analysis of policy issues; planning Capitol Hill and agency briefings; updating and presenting the PPB booth at the APS Annual Meeting. 

How to Apply​

Application materials are due by May 15, 2021. 

  • A cover letter describing the applicant’s interest in science policy issues and detailing how this internship would enhance his/her/their professional goals.
  • A two-page resume that should include educational and professional experiences as well as leadership and communication experiences.
  • The names of two individuals, other than the thesis advisor, from whom recommendations may be requested.
  • Submit all materials by the submission​ deadline to PPB Chair, Rick Bennett​.

Previous Interns:​

2007-2008  Kimberly Webb

2008-2009  Angela Records

2008-2009  Maritza Abril

2009-2010  Stephen Vasquez

2010-2011  Melanie Ivey

2011-2012  Mehdi Kabbage​

2011-2013  Tim Durham

2012-2014  Lakisha Odom

2012-2014  John Bienapfl

2013-2015 Yazmin Rivera

2013-2016  Laura Felice

2014-2016  Jose Pablo Dundore-Arias 

2015-2017  Sally Mallowa

2016-2018  Chakradhar Mattupalli

2017-2019  Rodrigo Pedrozo

2018-2020  Morgan Carter​​

2019-2021  Coralie Farinas