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​APS Pacific Division
Graduate Student Oral or Poster Presentation Competition

The Executive Committee would like to encourage all students presenting their research at the Pacific Division meetings to consider enrolling in the student competition.  The award is intended to increase opportunities for graduate students who attend institutions within the Pacific Division to participate in APS Pacific Division meetings, receive recognition for their research, network with other graduate students and scientists, and gain experience in presenting scientific information to an audience. The monetary awards are $500 for first place, $300 for second, and $200​ for third place.

To participate, mark the box "this abstract is for the student competition"  when you submit your abstract online and meet these requirements: (i) be enrolled as a regular student in an accredited University in the Pacific Division at the time the paper is submitted; (ii) be a member in good standing of the Pacific Division at the time the paper is submitted; (iii) be senior author of the paper; (iv) present the paper orally at a meeting of the Pacific Division; and (v) submit a complete application package. Graduate students who receive a Graduate Student Travel Grant award must compete in the Graduate Student Oral Presentation Competition. However, at virtual meetings, no Graduate Student Travel Awards will be awarded.

In order to give a presentation at the 2023 PD-APS meeting, abstracts must be submitted and the abstract submission fee paid through the online abstract submission form by the January 16, 2022. If you want to participate in the Graduate Student Research Award Competition, you must indicate on the submission form that you are submitting an abstract for an oral presentation and that you intend to participate in the Graduate Student Research Award Competition. 

IN ADDITION, you must email a copy of your abstract, including the title, authors, and affiliations, as a single PDF to PD-APS President, Christina Hagerty (, by January 16, 2022, and you must register for the meeting by February 7, 2023.  Only one abstract per presenter will be considered for the Graduate Student Research Award Competition. Students participating in the Graduate Student Research Award Competition may not participate in the Graduate Student Poster Competition. Students will be notified by February 14, 2023, if their abstract will be included in the Graduate Student Research Award Competition. Note that the poster competition is not held every year.

The PD-APS will recognize outstanding research and oral presentations by graduate students by presenting a plaque and monetary gift.

Graduate Student Oral Presentation Judging Form

Graduate Student Oral or Poster​ Presentation Winners​

​2022​1st Place
John Dobbs
​2nd Place
Katelyn Baldino
​3rd Place
​Jonathan Thomas Puglisi
​2021​1st Place
​Lindsey Pedroncelli
​2nd Place
​Alex Wong
​3rd Place
​Chelsea Newbold
​2020 ​1st Place (oral)
​Sara Garcia Figuera
​2nd Place (oral)
​Lourena Arone
​3rd Place (oral)
​Vishutej Ellur
1st Place (oral)
​Olga Kozhar, Washington State University

2nd Place (oral)
​Elizabeth Hellman, University of California-Davis

3rd Place ​ (oral)
​Lederson Ganan Betancur, Washington State University
​1st Place (oral)
​David Wheeler, Washington State University

​2nd Place (oral)
​Jason Carter, University of California-Davis
​3rd Place (oral-tie)
​Shankar Shakya, Oregon State University
​3rd Place (oral-tie)
​John Bryan Webber, Oregon State University

1st Place (p​oster)
​Nejra Solo, University of Idaho
1st Place (oral)
Andrea Garfinkel
​2nd Place (oral)
​Stacey Haack
​3rd Place (oral)
​Joseph Carrillo

​1st Place (poster)
​Scott Cosselboom
​1st Place (oral-tie)
​Leslie Holland

​1st Place (oral-tie)
​Sowmya Ramachandran
​2nd Place (oral)
​David Wheeler
​1st Place (poster)
​John Weber
​2nd Place (poster)
​Swarnalatha Moparthi​
​1st Place (oral)
​Javier Tabima
​2nd Place (oral)
​Lindsey Thiessen
​3rd Place (oral)
​Erin Gunnink Troth
​1st Place (oral)
​Francis Na
​2nd Place (oral)
​Eric Christianson
​3rd Place (oral)
​Gretchen Freed
​1st Place (oral)
​Nicholas Garber
​2nd Place (oral)
​Lydia Tymon
​3rd Place (oral)
​Soumyadip Kundu
​​1st Place (oral-tie) Brittany Pierce and Cassandra Swett
2nd Place (oral) Kaitlyn Bissonnette
3rd Place (oral) Matthew Pye​
​1st Place (oral) Jeremiah Dung
2nd Place (oral) Cassandra Swett
3rd Place (oral) Stephanie Heckert

​1st Place (oral) Jeremiah Dung
2nd Place (oral) Jessica Gigot
3rd Place (oral) Alejandro Ortega-Beltran​
​1st Place (oral) Nicholas Garber
2nd Place (oral) Jeremiah Dung
3rd Place (oral-tie ) Evan Njambere and Laura Costadone

​1st Place (oral-tie) Jose Ramon Urbez-Torres and Florent Trouillas
3rd Place (oral) Jeremiah Dung

​1st Place (oral) Nicholas Garber
2nd Place (oral) Greg Crisp
3rd Place (oral Jose Ramon Urbez-Torres
​1st Place (oral) Leigh Ann Harrison
2nd Place (oral) Megan McDonald
3rd Place (oral) Guipoing Yang

​1st Place (oral) Elsa Petit
2nd Place (oral) Jose Ramon Urbez-Torres
3rd Place (oral) David Doll
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