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​APS Pacific Division Graduate Student Travel Awards

The Pacific Division Student Travel Award, established in 2000, is intended to increase opportunities for students attending institutions within the Pacific Division region to participate in APS Pacific Division meetings.

Applications are invited each year for Pacific Division Student Travel Awards. The awards are intended to increase opportunities for students attending institutions within the Pacific Division region to participate in APS Pacific Division meetings. Several $500 travel awards will be available to APS/APS Pacific Division student members giving oral presentations eith​er at the Pacific Division meeting, or at the APS Annual meeting when it is combined with the Pacific Division meeting. No Student Travel Awards will be awarded at virtual meetings.


1)  Student must be enrolled as a regular student in an accredited University in the Pacific Division at the time the paper is submitted.
2)  Student must be a member in good standing of the Pacific Division at the time the paper is submitted
3)  Student must be sole or senior author of the paper.
4)  Student must present the paper orally at a meeting of the Pacific Division.
5)  Student must compete in the Graduate Student Oral Presentation Competition in the year they apply for the travel award.
6)  Student must submit a complete application package.  

Note: Students who receive an award will not be eligible to apply for an award the following year.  Preference will be given to students who have never received a division travel award.

The application package requires the following:

  1. Abstract as submitted for the joint Pacific Division and APS Annual Meeting (the Division meeting is combined with the Annual meeting). 
  2. An expanded abstract limited to 600 words.
  3. Short (one-half page only) biographical sketch.
  4. Supporting letter (one page maximum) from your major professor. This letter should include:
    a. Reason student is attending the meeting.
    b. Scientific, academic and creative merits of the student.
    c. Any special circumstances that make attendance at the meeting dependent on receiving a Student Travel Award.

Submit Word files via e-mail of the two abstracts, supporting letter and bio sketch to the current APS Pacific Division President​​.  

Abstracts should include a justification, objectives, methods, results, and significance of the research. Abstracts will be evaluated by a committee based on the inclusion of these elements, clarity of the writing, and novelty and importance of the research presented.        

​Award Winner​s

​Olga Kozhar
Washington State University

​Srijana Dura​
Washington State University

​David Enicks
Washington State University

​Lederson Ganan Betancur
Washington State University
​Raphael Adegbola
​Washington State University
​Morgan Gray
​University of California-Riverside
​Leslie Holland
​University of California-Davis
​Arunabha Mitra
​Washington State University
​Joseph Carrillo
​University of California-Riverside
​Lu Liu
​Washington State University
​Joey Mayorquin
​University of California-Riverside
​Chongjing Xia
​Washington State University
​Yi Zhu
​New Mexico State University
​Daniel Farber
​Oregon State University

​Zach Frederick
​Washington State University

​Leslie Holland
​University California-Davis

​Lindani Moyo
​Washington State University

​Cristian Olaya
​Washington State University

​Sowmya Ramachandran
​Washington State University

​Hannah Rivedal
​Oregon State University

​Xuefei Wang
​Washington State University
​Alfredo Diaz Lara
​Oregon State University

​Andrea Garfinkel
Washington State University

​Zhian Kamvar
​Oregon State University

​Gurleen Kaur
​New Mexico State University

​Kathleen McKeever
Washington State University

​Javier Tabima
​Oregon State University

​Erin Gunnink Troth
​Montana State University
​Lindsey Thiessen
​Oregon State University
​Robin Choudhury
​University of California-Davis

​Teresa Jardini
Washington State University
​​Soumyadip Kundu, Lydia Tymon, and Diego Viteri
​Nomatter Chingandu and Ruben Garcia de la Cruz

​Renuka Attanayake, Deana Baucom, Kaityn Bissonnette, Stephanie Heckert, Dipak Sharma-Poudual, Stephanie Slinski, Cassandra Swett, and Lydia Tymon
​Ebraheim M. Babiker, Jeremiah K. Dung, Emily W. Gatch, and Jessica A. Gigot​
​Ernesto Moya, Suman Mukherjee, Grant Poole, Hongyan Sheng, Fushi Wen, and Mohammad Yaghmour
​Jeremiah Dung, Joseph Jertberg, Leilani Kitz, and Melody Meyer
​Laura Gallegos, Sridhar Jarugula, Vihanga Pahalawatta, and Jose Ramon Urbez-Torres
​Loukas Kanetis, Elsa Petit
​No applications received
​Gladys Mbofung, Donna Henderson, Qingli Liu, Suzanne Latham, and Ioannis Tzanetakis
​Carrieann Nielsen and Mingyuan Cheng
​Claudia Nischwitz, T​amla Blunt, and Rene Van Aelst-Bouma
​​Lyndon Porter and Claudia Nischwitz