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North Central Division Student Travel Award Applications

Multiple Travel Grants of $250.00 are available.  Each of the eleven states within the North Central Division is guaranteed a Travel Grant.  There are also three At-Large Travel Grants available for students located at non-Land Grant institutions.

Eligibility Requirements:

1. The student must be a member of the APS North Central Division (dues can be paid with registration).

2. The student must present an oral presentation or a poster at the meeting, and the abstracts must be received by May 12. 

3. First-time North Central Division meeting participants will have a first priority to receive a travel grant.

Application Procedure:

1. Please submit your abstract and abstract title to your Department Chair or Department Head.

2. The Department Chair/Head should rank the applicants according to the above criteria, and any additional criteria (financial need, etc.).

3. Up to four applicants can be nominated by the Department Chair/Head.

4. All Student Travel Awards will be dispensed, as institutions not submitting a ranked list of candidates will have their Travel Award given to an applicant from another institution.

5. The ranked list of applicants (submitted by Department Chairs/Heads) must be received by the North Central Division President, Jack Rasmussen, by May 4, 2018. 

All students receiving North Central Division Travel Awards will be honored during the Awards Banquet.