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​​​WORKSHOP: Visualizing Effectors During Plant-Pathogen Interactions: Intuitive Teaching and Research Tools

​Broadcast Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2022 | 10:00 AM –​ 2:00 PM US Central Time​​​

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During plant-pathogen interactions, many pathogens secrete effectors to suppress host immunity or promote pathogen virulence. Understanding effector dynamics will help to better understand host-pathogen interactions and develop future mitigation strategies. With new technologies, it is now possible for plant pathologists to visualize pathogen effectors and their activity during live infection. This workshop will instruct attendees in how to use the latest techniques in fluorescent microscopy to visualize pathogen effector activity. By attending this workshop, attendees will learn to adapt these technologies to their own pathosystems, or use these technologies as tools for teaching the complexities of plant pathogen effectors in an intuitive way. This workshop is an enhanced version of workshops presented at ICPP 2018 and Plant Health 2019; there was great interest in both previous workshops, and in 2019 sold out to maximum capacity. This workshop is open to faculty, educators, postdocs, students and researchers in industry and government.

Learning Objectives

    ​After attending this workshop, attendees will be able to: (1.) Visualize pathogen effector activity with a fluorescent microscope, (2.) Adapt and implement visualization techniques in their pathosystems of interest, and (3.) Use visualization techniques to teach about pathogen effectors in an intuitive way​

    Target Audience

    This workshop targets researchers and educators from all backgrounds and experiences.​


    Stephen Cohen, The Ohio State University
    Quan Zeng, The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
    Jonathan Jacobs, The Ohio State University 


    Jonathan Jacobs, The Ohio State University
    Monica Lewandowski, The Ohio State University