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​2012 Human Pathogens on Plants Workshop:

Multidisciplinary Strategy for Research

February 13-15, 2012
Hyattsville, Maryland

Course Description
A few words from
workshop coordinator
Jacque Fletcher

This unique conference is designed to bring together members of the food science and plant pathology communities to share and highlight ongoing research, develop collaborations, and plan a national research agenda for the future to address complex questions related to the contamination of plants with human pathogens. The workshop's organizational team is comprised of members of the food safety community as well as APS.

Who Should Attend

Anyone involved in research related to plant-pathogen interactions may have an interest in this meeting. Plant pathologists, food safety professionals, food technologists, and others interested in the relationships between plant, animal, or human pathogens and food plants should attend.


Thank-you Attendees for making this workshop a success!


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