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​​An Engaging Story about One of the Greatest Plant Pathology Epidemics​​​

St. Paul, MN (March, 2021)—Soybean rust, perhaps the most feared and studied of all soybean diseases, can cause yield reductions of up to 80%, according to Glen Hartman, one of the editors of Soybean Rust: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic in Brazil. This new APS PRESS title highlights critical advances from the research of the late Dr. José Tadashi Yorinori, who developed educational and control methods for this devastating disease. An international team of editors, including Hartman, have updated and extended Dr. Yorinori’s writings to help realize his dream of publishing a book that documents his years of work with soybean rust in Brazil.

Dr. Yorinori’s documentation of this story provides comprehensive details about soybean rust, beginning with the discovery of the pathogen on soybeans in Brazil in 2001 and the events that followed as he and others worked to understand and control the disease. Events covered include the differentiation of the two known pathogens, the history and economic impact of the disease in Brazil, and the management techniques that were studied and introduced as the result of the coordinated work of many professionals. These management techniques successfully curbed the spread of soybean rust in Brazil and provided a foundation for effectively managing the disease when it spread to the United States only 3 years later.

In addition to telling an engaging story, Soybean Rust will be useful as a textbook and in supporting the learning of young professionals. The details of this adventure in plant pathology, documented by nearly 200 photos, highlight the importance of plant pathology in managing disease worldwide.

Soybean Rust: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic in Brazil is now available in the APS PRESS bookstore.

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