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Publish Your Efficacy Trials in PDMR, Volume 14
First submission form closes December 9
A biannual APS publication, Plant Disease Management Reports (PDMR) facilitates the rapid dissemination and archiving of information on cultural, chemical, and biological control of plant diseases. Like previous releases of PDMR, Volume 14 will be published in two installments, enabling authors to submit reports twice a year. 
Learn about the submission process and review a sample report. Then submit your own report to this platform, which logged nearly 88,000 page views in 2018. 

Key Dates for Volume 14
 First SubmissionSecond Submission
  Submission form opens  November 4, 2019April 10, 2020
  Submission form closes  December 9, 2019May 13, 2020
  Final report upload  February 10, 2020July 17, 2020
  Payment due by  February 17, 2020July 31, 2020