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​​​Unique Mycology Reference Pairs Genus Descriptions with 1,000-Plus Original Watercolors​

According to mycologist, author, and artist Miguel Ulloa, “The best way to understand and remember scientific names is to understand their component parts or roots.” This philosophy is the inspiration for Illustrated Generic Names of Fungi: Etymology, Descriptions, Classifications, and References, a unique combination of scientific and artistic content with 1,000-plus original watercolors (by Ulloa himself) and 1,700 descriptions of genera. This exquisitely illustrated and up-to-date reference is the first of its kind published in English.

Illustrated Generic Names of Fungi contains alphabetically organized descriptions for genera in the kingdoms Fungi, Chromista, and Protozoa from countries across five continents. Each genus description includes the etymology, authority, and morphology, as well as the current taxonomic classification. The authors also provide details about the living modes of fungi in nature, revealing interactions with other organisms as saprobes, parasites, and symbionts.

Gomphus clavatus.jpgAbgliophragma setosum.jpgEpichloë typhina.jpgHypogymnia inactiva.jpg

By learning the Greek and Latin roots of generic names, mycologists and biologists will gain a deeper and broader understanding of fungi. Additionally, by being provided with the bibliographic citation of the journal or book in which a given genus was first described, readers will better comprehend the nature of scientific authorities.

Authors Miguel Ulloa and Elvira Aguirre-Acosta are mycologists who have worked many years at the Instituto de Biología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. They teach basic mycology in the biology curriculum and contribute to fungi expositions and congresses. Illustrated Generic Names of Fungi is a culmination of their years of research and teaching and will be an indispensable resource for students of mycology, as well as educators, researchers, and other professionals.

​Illustrated Generic Names of Fungi is available now through the APS PRESS bookstore.