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Plant Disease June, 1986
Volume 70, Number 6

Plant Disease Editorial Board & Policies.    VIEW ABSTRACT  |  VIEW ARTICLE


Why Aren’t We Using Our Emeritus Members? Malcolm C. Shurtleff. Page: 488 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE


The Latest in Plant Pathology and Nematology. Thor Kommedahl. Page: 489 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE


Applying Atmospheric Trajector to Problems in Epidemiology. Jerry M. Davis, Charles E. Main. Pages: 490-498 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE


Method for Maintaining Three Selected Fungi. L. W. Baxter, Jr., S. G. Fagan. Pages: 499-500 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

New Physiologic Race of Phytophthora megasperma f. sp. glycinea. Alice C. Layton, K. L. Athow, and F. A. Laviolette. Pages: 500-501 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus in Papaya and Detection of the Virus by ELISA. Dennis Gonsalves, Eduardo E. Trujillo. Pages: 501-506 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Control of Bottom Rot of Head Lettuce with Iprodione. S. E. R. Mahr, W. R. Stevenson, and L. Sequeira. Pages: 506-509 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Lack of Systemic Colonization of Alfalfa Plants After Inoculation of Uninjured Leaves with Conidia of Verticillium albo-atrum. R. M. Jimenez-Diaz, R. L. Millar. Pages: 509-515 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Serological Detection and Identification of Streptomyces ipomoea. J. W. Moyer, E. Echandi. Pages: 516-518 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Environmental Conditions Required for Infection of Photinia Leaves by Entomosporium mespili. A. B. A. M. Baudoin. Pages: 519-521 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Effects of Xylem-Colonizing Bacillus spp. on Verticillium Wilt in Maples. T. J. Hall, L. R. Schreiber, Curt Leben. Pages: 521-524 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Peanut Pod Rot Complex: A Geocarposphere Nutrient Imbalance. A. S. Csinos, T. P. Gaines. Pages: 525-529 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Effects of the Ht, Ht2, and/or Ht3 Genes in Three Maize Inbreds on Quantitative Resistance to Exserohilum turcicum Race 2. S. Leath, W. L. Pedersen. Pages: 529-531 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Controlled Heating of Root-Pruned Dormant Prunus spp. Seedlings Before Transplanting to Prevent Crown Gall. Larry W. Moore, Jack Allen. Pages: 532-536 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Diversity of Vegetative Compatibility Groups of Cryphonectria parasitica in Connecticut and Europe. S. L. Anagnostakis, B. Hau and J. Kranz. Pages: 536-538 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Short Life of Peach Trees as Related to Tree Physiology, Environment, Pathogens, and Cultural Practices. C. C. Reilly, A. P. Nyczepir, R. R. Sharpe, W. R. Okie, and P. L. Pusey. Pages: 538-541 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Occurrence of Alfalfa Mosaic, Hydrangea Ringspot, and Tobacco Ringspot Viruses in Hydrangea spp. in British Columbia. Arthur W. Chiko, Sharon E. Godkin. Pages: 541-544 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Infection and Morphological Development of Meloidogyne incognita in Roots of Susceptible and Resistant Sweet Potato Cultivars. G. W. Lawrence, C. A. Clark. Pages: 545-547 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Variability in Reproduction of Isolates of Meloidogyne incognita and M. javanica on Resistant Tomato Genotypes. P. A. Roberts, I. J. Thomason. Pages: 547-551 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Colonization of Cotton Buds by Xanthomonas campestris pv. malvacearum. J. A. Wrather, W. P. Sappenfield, and C. H. Baldwin. Pages: 551-552 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Resistance in Aegilops squarrosa to Wheat Leaf Rust, Wheat Powdery Mildew, Greenbug, and Hessian Fly. B. S. Gill, W. J. Raupp, H. C. Sharma, L. E. Browder, J. H. Hatchett, T. L. Harvey, J. G. Moseman, and J. G. Waines. Pages: 553-556 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Infectivity Titrations of Clavibacter xylisubsp.xyli and Sugarcane Cultivars Differing in Susceptibility to Ratoon Stunting Disease. N. A. Harrison, M. J. Davis, and J. L. Dean. Pages: 556-558 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Techniques for Determining Reproduction of Meloidogyne graminis on Zoysiagrass and Bermudagrass. J. J. Murray, T. E. Poole, S. A. Ostazeski. Pages: 559-560 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Effects of Host Nutrition, Leaf Age, and Preinoculation Light Levels on Severity of Leaf Spot of Dwarf Schefflera Caused by Pseudomonas cichorii. A. R. Chase, J. B. Jones. Pages: 561-563 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Resistance of Pitch × Loblolly Pine Hybrids to Fusiform Rust (Cronartium quercuum f. sp. fusiforme). Peter W. Garrett, I. Frederick Trew. Pages: 564-565 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Rapid Detection of Agrobacterium tumefaciens in Grapevine Propagating Material and the Basis for an Efficient Indexing System. F. A. Tarbah, R. N. Goodman. Pages: 566-568 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Symptomatic Responses of Peach Trees to Various Isolates of Botryosphaeria dothidea. P. L. Pusey, C. C. Reilly, and W. R. Okie. Pages: 568-572 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Factors Affecting Seedling Emergence of Sorghum for Short-Season Areas. D. A. Gaudet, D. J. Major. Pages: 572-575 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Erwinia carotovora pv. carotovora, a Pathogen of Kalanchoë blossfeldiana. Arthur W. Engelhard, Raymond G. McGuire, and J. B. Jones. Pages: 575-577 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Interactions Between Rhizoctonia solani AG-3 and 27 Plant Species. D. E. Carling, K. M. Kebler, and R. H. Leiner. Pages: 577-578 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Population Dynamics of Selected Plant-Parasitic Nematode Species on Guayule. S. H. Thomas, Cynthia Goddard. Pages: 579-580 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Effects of Fumigant and Nonfumigant Nematicides on Belonolaimus longicaudatus and Hoplolaimus galeatus Populations and Subsequent Yield of Cabbage. H. L. Rhoades. Pages: 581-582 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Chemical Control of Foliar Diseases of Peanuts, Peppers, and Onions as Affected by Spray Nozzle Types, Nozzle Orientations, Spray Intervals, and Adjuvants. T. A. Kucharek, R. E. Cullen, R. E. Stall, and B. Llewellyn. Pages: 583-586 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Compatibility of Bacillus subtilis for Postharvest Control of Peach Brown Rot with Commercial Fruit Waxes, Dicloran, and Cold-Storage Conditions. P. L. Pusey, C. L. Wilson, M. W. Hotchkiss, and J. D. Franklin. Pages: 587-590 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

New Diseases and Epidemics

Natural Occurrence of Sonchus Yellow Net Virus in Florida Lettuce. B. W. Falk, D. E. Purcifull and S. R. Christie. Pages: 591-593 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Identification of Erwinia chrysanthemi as a Soft-Rot-Inducing Pathogen of Grain Sorghum. S. G. Jensen, W. R. Mayberry, and J. A. Obrigawitch. Pages: 593-596 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

New Disease (Balansia cyperi) of Purple Nutsedge (Cyperus rotundus). Keith Clay. Pages: 597-599 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Current Status of Soybean Stem Canker in Florida. R. C. Ploetz, R. K. Sprenkel, and F. M. Shokes. Pages: 600-602 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Disease Notes

A New Geminivirus Infecting Potatoes in Venezuela. E. J. F. Roberts, K. W. Buck, and R. H. A. Coutts. Page: 603 VIEW NOTE

Dichotomophthora portulacae Causing Black Stem Rot on Common Purslane in Texas. J. K. Mitchell. Page: 603 VIEW NOTE

Prevalent Races of Puccinia helianthi in Cultivated Sunflower on the Texas High Plains.. S. M. Yang, T. Gulya. Page: 603 VIEW NOTE

First Report of Lettuce Drop Caused by Sclerotinia minor in Quebec, Canada. R. D. Reeleder, F. Charbonneau. Page: 603 VIEW NOTE

Ashy Stem Blight, a Serious Disease of Cowpea in Botswana. D. W. Burke, K. Conniff, P. Ditshipi, and C. J. deMooy. Page: 603 VIEW NOTE

An Outbreak of Stewart’s Bacterial Wilt of Corn in Ontario, Canada. T. R. Anderson. Page: 603 VIEW NOTE

First Field Observation of the Soybean Cyst Nematode in Kansas. T. Sim IV, T. C. Todd. Page: 603 VIEW NOTE

Special Report

Disorders in Muskmelon Shipments to the New York Market, 1972-1984. M. J. Ceponis, R. A. Cappellini, and G. W. Lightner. Pages: 605-607.  VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE