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Other Natural Hosts of Potato virus T

July 2000 , Volume 84 , Number  7
Pages  736 - 738

C. Lizárraga , M. Querci , M. Santa Cruz , I. Bartolini , and L. F. Salazar , Crop Protection Department, International Potato Center (CIP), Apartado 1558, Lima 12, Peru

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Accepted for publication 13 March 2000.

Potato virus T (PVT), a member of the genus Trichovirus, was isolated from leaves of naturally infected ulluco (Ullucus tuberosus), oca (Oxalis tuberosa), and mashua (Tropaeolum tuberosum). These Andean tuber crops are often grown in small plots in association with potato (Solanum tuberosum) in the Peruvian highlands. PVT isolates from ulluco, oca, mashua, and potato infected virus-free ulluco, oca, and potato genotypes by mechanical inoculation. The incidence of PVT in mashua, oca, and ulluco accessions from the International Potato Center (CIP) in vitro germplasm bank was less than 10%. A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) product of approximately 330 bp was obtained from each of the four isolates using primers designed from the published PVT sequence. Restriction enzyme digestions of the PCR product did not demonstrate variability.

Additional keywords: seedborne viruses

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