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Pea--Fusarium solani Interactions Contributions of a System Toward Understanding Disease Resistance

April 2008 , Volume 98 , Number  4
Pages  372 - 379

Lee A. Hadwiger

Department of Plant Pathology, Washington State University, Pullman 99164.

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Accepted for publication 18 December 2007.

This mini-review points to the usefulness of the pea--Fusarium solani interaction in researching the biochemical and molecular aspects of the nonhost resistance components of peas. This interaction has been researched to evaluate the resistance roles of the phytoalexin, pisatin, the cuticle barrier, and the activation of the nonhost resistance response. Concurrently, evaluations of associated signaling processes and the tools possessed by the pathogen to contend with host obstacles were included. The properties of some pathogenesis-related genes of pea and their regulation and contribution to resistance are discussed. A proposed action of two biotic elicitors on both chromatin conformation and the architectural transcription factor, HMG A, is presented and includes time lines of events within the host immune response.

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