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A New Tomato-Infecting Tospovirus from Iran

August 2005 , Volume 95 , Number  8
Pages  852 - 858

Afshin Hassani-Mehraban , Janneke Saaijer , Dick Peters , Rob Goldbach , and Richard Kormelink

Laboratory of Virology, Wageningen University, Binnenhaven 11, 6709 PD Wageningen, the Netherlands

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Accepted for publication 10 March 2005.

A new tospovirus species serologically distinct from all other established tospoviruses was found in tomato in Iran. Typical disease symptoms observed include necrotic lesions on the leaves and yellow ring spots on the fruits, hence the name Tomato yellow ring virus (TYRV) was proposed. The S RNA of this virus was cloned and its 3,061 nucleotide long sequence showed features characteristic for tospoviral S RNA segments. The nucleocapsid (N) protein with a predicted Mr of 30.0 kDa showed closest relationship to the N protein of Iris yellow spot virus (74% sequence identity).

Additional keywords: Bunyaviridae , immunocapture RT-PCR , taxonomy .

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