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Vegetative Compatibility Groups of Verticillium dahliae in Israel: Their Distribution and Association with Pathogenicity

May 2000 , Volume 90 , Number  5
Pages  529 - 536

Nadia Korolev , Jaacov Katan , and Talma Katan

First and third authors: Department of Plant Pathology, ARO, The Volcani Center, Bet Dagan 50250, Israel; and second author: Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology, The Hebrew University, Rehovot 76100, Israel

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Accepted for publication 24 January 2000.

A collection of 565 isolates of Verticillium dahliae, recovered between 1992 and 1997 from 13 host plant species and soil at 47 sites in Israel, was tested for vegetative compatibility using nitrate-nonutilizing (nit) mutants. Three vegetative compatibility groups (VCGs) were found and identified as VCG2A (28 isolates), VCG2B (158 isolates), and VCG4B (378 isolates) by using international reference strains. One isolate was heterokaryon self-incompatible. Of the VCG2B isolates, 92% were recovered from the northern part of Israel and 90% of VCG4B isolates were recovered from the south, with some overlap in the central region. Isolates of the minor group VCG2A were geographically scattered among the two major VCGs. Isolates of the same VCG resembled one another more than isolates from different VCGs based on colony and microsclerotial morphology, temperature responses, and, partially, pathogenicity. Different pathotypes were defined among 60 isolates tested, using cotton (cv. Acala SJ-2) and eggplant (cv. Black Beauty) as differentials. All isolates in VCG2A and 86% of the isolates in VCG4B, irrespective of their origin, induced weak to moderate symptoms on cotton and moderate to severe symptoms on eggplant and were similar to the previously described cotton nondefoliating patho-type. In contrast, all cotton isolates in VCG2B caused severe foliar symptoms, stunting, and often death, but little or no defoliation of inoculated cotton plants. These were defined as a cotton defoliating-like pathotype and induced only weak to moderate symptoms on eggplant. We concluded that vegetative compatibility grouping of V. dahliae in Israel is closely associated with specific pathogenicity and other phenotypic traits.

Additional keywords: potato, tomato, Verticillium wilt.

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