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Expression of Engineered Antibodies in Plants: A Possible Tool for Spiroplasma and Phytoplasma Disease Control

December 1998 , Volume 88 , Number  12
Pages  1,367 - 1,371

Y. D. Chen and T. A. Chen

Department of Plant Pathology, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ 08903

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Accepted for publication 26 May 1998.

In an attempt to develop maize plants with resistance to corn stunt spi-roplasma (CSS), a single-chain Fv fragment (scFv) gene that was constructed from antibodies with strong inhibitory activity against CSS, was expressed in a cell line of maize. However, plants regenerated from this transgenic cell line showed no distinct resistance to CSS infection under the greenhouse conditions. The affinity and functionality of scFv in vivo and the locations of CSS and expressed scFv in maize could be a part of the contributing factors affecting this result. Progress of expressing antibodies in plants for plant pathogen resistance is also discussed.

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