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APS Job Description for Vice President and presidential lineage

The position of Vice President (VP) is the first of a 4-year ascension through the presidential lineage moving to President Elect in the second year, President the third, and Past President the fourth. During this 4-year presidential term, the position is expected to provide vision and leadership to the society. Specifically they will work with the Council, Boards and Offices, Committees and APS staff to advance the society’s mission, expand membership, promote diversity at all levels, respond to the needs of the society, encourage communication and awareness of activities across the organization, and set the strategic priorities for the society and guide its growth.  Although the President is the official representative of the Society, those in the Presidential lineage may be requested by the President to serve as spokesperson of the Society when needed.

Candidates for this position should have a vision for the growth of the society, have strong leadership skills, demonstrated ability through past APS or other scientific society service to achieve results, and be able to nurture the next leaders in the membership.

As a member of Council and Executive Committee, the presidential lineage will participate in and/or facilitate setting agendas for conference calls and in-person meetings of Council, the Leadership Forum held during the Annual Meeting, and attend the APS Division Annual Meetings and related society meetings as requested. The presidential lineage except for the Immediate Past president also attend the Public Policy Board meetings in Washington, DC,  Throughout the year, the presidential lineage will connect with their specified liaison groups to ensure understanding of their current charge within the context of the APS vision and the strategic plan and the Treasurer on the fiduciary responsibilities of APS.

The responsibility of the presidential lineage requires leadership skills that include: good communication, strategic thinking, delegation and good people skills.