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APS Councilor-at-Large Job Description

The primary duty of the position of Councilor-at-Large (CAL) is to serve as a liaison between the membership and Council. This position is to ensure that members in all sectors are being served by the society and their voices are present and heard by leadership. Candidates for this position should have a vision for the growth of the society, have strong leadership skills, demonstrated ability to achieve results, and be able to nurture the next leaders in the membership.

At any time, there will be 3 CALs (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior) serving a 3-year appointment.  The Junior CAL works to learn the organization and inner workings of the society and leadership. As they matriculate into the Intermediate CAL in their second year, they take responsibility for increased liaison activities and organizing CAL meeting and interactions. In the third year, as Senior CAL, the position works closely with boards and committees to identify needs and develop practical solutions and vision. The Senior CAL is responsible for the activities of the Committee on Committees, which is made up of the three CALSs that oversee the activities and smooth running of the subject matter and general policy committees. The CALs will liaison with the boards, offices, and committees to gain perspective on membership concerns, needs, and opinions and promote communication and awareness of activities across the organization. Specifically, they will liaise with the Office of Industry Relations, Office of Electronic Communications, Office of International Programs, Subject Matter and General Policy Committees, and the Membership Forum. Throughout the year, each CAL will connect with specified liaison groups and the membership in general to ensure understanding of their current charge within the context of the APS vision and the strategic plan.   

The CALs will participate in monthly calls with the entire Council and attend three in-person Council meetings outside of the Annual Meeting as well as the Leadership Forum held during the meeting.