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How to Start a New Student Travel Award Fund

Student travel funds in the APS Foundation are established by either friends or relatives of a specific person, or sometimes by the person themselves. The funds donated to the Foundation for this purpose are invested as an endowment fund and the interest is then used to actually fund the travel award. ​​

Guidelines to Establish a Student Travel Award Fund

  • Notify APS Foundation Chair​ of your interest in establishing a fund. 
  • Collect $5,000 for the fund to create an APS Foundation account.
  • Complete the APS Foundation Student Travel Award Contract​ and return to APS Foundation, Attn: Kim Flanegan, 3352 Sherman Court, Suite 202​, St. Paul, MN 55121 with the $5,000 initial fund contribution. Also include a one-page biography and photo of the individual for which the award is being named. Send electronically if possible.
  • An acknowledgement of the receipt of these funds will be made to the donor by the APS Foundation. All such donations are tax deductible since the APS Foundation is a 501c3 organization.
  • The receipt of $5,000 and the contract confirms a fund account with the APS Foundation, however a total of $15,000 needs to be in the account to fully establish the fund for a travel award to be given every year (currently $500 award).
  • To help encourage donations to the fund, the APS Foundation will publicize the new fund in the APS member newsletter Phytopathology News and the APS News Capsules, in addition to references in all APS Foundation solicitation materials. The first travel award will be made at the first available APS Annual Meeting following the fund reaching $15,000.

Travel Awardee Process

The Foundation has a student travel award committee composed of students and other members of APS which solicits applications for travel awards every year, and they make a recommendation to the Foundation board of directors as to which students should actually receive the awards. The final decision rests with the board of directors. Student travel awards are made to qualified students, but if there is a preference to reward students in a specific area, then we try to honor this preference as best we can. 

At the annual APS meeting we recognize the student travel awardees. With their award, each student is provided with a biography of the person for whom their specific travel award is named. We also request that the student correspond with the honoree or the fund organizer to show their appreciation for receiving the award.