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​Syngenta Award​

This award is provided and given by Syngenta Crop Protection to an APS member for an outstanding recent contribution to teaching, research, or extension in plant pathology. Priority for this award is given to members of APS who are in the first decade of a career in plant pathology. ​

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1975 D. J. Hagedorn
1975 A. L. Shigo
1976 W. W. Hare
1977 G. S. Abawi
1978 A. L. Jones
1979 A. A. MacNab
1980 W. J. Moller
1981 S. M. Mircetich
1982 J. M. Duniway
1983 G. R. Safir
1984 R. C. Rowe 
1985 S. E. Lindow 
1986 T. J. Burr 
1987 M. A. Ellis 
1988 C. T. Stephens 
1989 L. V. Madden 
1990 J. J. Marois
1991 M. E. Daub
1992 W. F. Wilcox
1993 A. H. C. van Bruggen​
1994 F. W. Nutter, Jr.
1995 J. E. Loper
1996 K. B. Johnson
1997 C.C. Mundt 
1998 R. L. Gilbertson
1999 A. Culbreath
2000 G. Munkvold
2001 E. L. Davis
2002 T. E. Mirkov
2003 S. Kamoun
2004 K. Subbarao
​2005 J. Alfano 
2006 G. L. Wang

2007 N. Grunwald
2008 S. Kang
2009 I. Carbone
2010 S. J. Pethybridge
2011 A. O. Charkowski
2012 R. P.P. Almeida
2013 L. ​J. du Toit
2014 A. E. Robertson
2015 M. Goellner Mitchum
2016 P. A. Paul
2017 A. E. Whitfield
2018 M. Figueroa
2019 P. Ojiambo​
2020 S. Folimonova​
2021 N. Cunniffe​
2022​ E. Goss​​
2023 L.​ Quesada​

*Please note that all bios linked from this page were published at the time of the received award and may not be current​​​.