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Awards & Funding

roca in lab Biotech.JPGThe following awards provide support as well as recognize scientists who have played a significant role in world-wide plant pathology efforts.

OIP Global Experience Award - OIP ​launched this unique program aimed at helping APS plant pathologists working with scientists and extension personnel in developing countries in training and outreach efforts, from funds raised during the annual OIP Silent Auction​.

The APS Foundation, in cooperation with OIP, accepts applications annually for these additional internationally focused awards

APS International Travel Award - This award is intended to support travel costs for early- to mid-career international APS scientists native to a​nd working in developing countries who otherwise would not be able to attend APS meetings.

JANE Award - The John and Ann Niederhauser Endowment (JANE) Award, accepts applications​ that involve international cooperation between a person or institution in the United States and a person or institution outside the United States. Project proposals should have clear positive impacts for the developing country and practical applications.

Books for the World - The Books for the World program helps scientists, educators, extension personnel and other agriculturalists in developing countries acquire educational materials from APS PRESS, and promotes the international distribution of books, CDs, and other APS resources.  

French-Monar Latin American Award - The French-Monar Latin American Award provides financial support for Latin American graduate students and early career plant pathologists in a variety of ways.

Other International Opportunities

USDA Traveling Scholarships - Available for overseas scientists to visit and work. In cooperation with a counterpart at a U.S. University, foreign scientists can submit a travel proposal to the USDA Foreign Ag Service (FAS). 

The Brazilian scholarship, PAEC OAS-GCUB 2017, offers 670 scholarship opportunities to outstanding citizens of member states of the Organization of American States (OAS) to pursue a master's or doctorate program at Brazilian universities.

NIFA International Funding Program

International Foundation for Science

National Science Foundation International Programs

AASCU Grants Resource Center

The NATO Science Programme

AAAS International Science Collaboration Program