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Professional Membership

Your Benefits Include:

  • A direct connection to a community of 4,500 plant pathologists worldwide
  • Updates on members and the society through free bi-weekly e-mail News Capsules​, and the monthly member newsletter, Phytopathology News​
  • Significant discounts on the annual meeting, focused meetings, and conferences
  • Full access to the online member directory and online communities; access to member-only areas of the APS website
  • Mem​bership opportunities in your regional division
  • Discounts to subscribe to the journals, either in print or online
  • A discount on all APS PRESS purchases
  • Discounted rate on publishing in all journals
  • Job placement services
  • The opportunity to lead and shape APS by volunteering
  • Awards, honors, and opportunities for funding support
  • Opportunity to interact with sister societies through cooperative membership in the International Society of Plant Pathology and the Chinese Society for Plant Pathology
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are influencing the future of your profession
    Membership dues are available on the membership application. 

Questions? Contact APS Member Services, 1.800.481.2698 (in U.S.), +1.651.454.7250, or contact us here​. You can also request to have membership materials mailed to you. 

Membership with APS is transferable upon request due to unexpected events, such as a job change, grant funding restrictions, etc. Transfer of membership to another individual includes the remainder of current term’s membership benefits. To find out more about transferring your membership please contact APS member services at +1.651.454.7250 or contact us here​.