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for February 20, 2020
OPSR Plant Pathology Experiential Awards
There's still time to apply, but the deadline is approaching fast! Submit your application 
by March 31. The purposes of this award are to support career and research development experience, to learn about industry and/or government career opportunities, and to gain technical expertise to support current research endeavors.
Does the Latent Period of Leaf Fungal Pathogens Reflect Their
Trophic Type?
Précigout and colleagues performed a meta-analysis to search for a relationship between the trophic type and the latent period of fungal pathogens and argue that this relationship points to two opposing host-exploitation strategies.
The Atoxigenic Biocontrol Product Aflasafe SN01 Is a Valuable Tool to Mitigate Aflatoxin Contamination of Both Maize and Groundnut Cultivated in Senegal
Aflatoxin contamination of groundnut and maize is common throughout Senegal. Senghor et al. suggest that Aflasafe SN01 is an effective tool for aflatoxin mitigation in groundnut and maize. Large-scale use of Aflasafe SN01 should provide health, trade, and economic benefits for Senegal.
January & February International Year of Plant Health Infographic Downloads Available  
Two new International Year of Plant Health (IYPH) infographics are available to download and use in your outreach efforts.
APS webinar series part 2 
New Technique Reduces Pathogen Identification Time From Two Weeks To Less Than One Hour 
Top-downloaded articles of 2019 freely available through the end of February.  
Top-downloaded articles of 2019 freely available through the end of February.
Phytopathology is accepting submissions for the 2021 focus issue on population genomics.  
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