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​​Emeritus/Emerita Membership

Continue Your Involvement With APS

Depending on your join date with APS, you may be eligible for Emeritus/Emerita membership status. Please review the bylaws below. If you qualify, contac​t us and let us know. ​

Constitution of The American Phytopathological Society
Article II, Membership, Section 1
E. Emeritus Members: Any retired person who has been a member of the Society for at least 20 years is eligible for Emeritus Status. The applicant must submit a request for Emeritus Membership together with facts concerning qualifications for this status to the Executive Officer.​ 

Your Benefits Include:

  • A continued connection the plant pathology community
  • Updates on members and the society through free bi-weekly e-mail News Capsules​, and the monthly member newsletter, Phytopathology News​
  • Significant discounts on the annual meeting​, focused meetings, and conferences
  • Full access to the online member directory and online communities; access to member-only areas of APS
  • Membership opportunities in your regional division
  • Discounts to subscribe to the journals​, either in print or online
  • A discount on all APS P​RESS​​ purchases​​
  • Discounted rate on publishing in all journals
  • The opportunity to lead and shape APS by volunteering
  • Awards, honors, and opportunities for funding support
  • Opportunity to interact with sister societies through cooperative membership in the International Society of Plant Pathology and the Chinese Society for Plant Pathology
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are influencing the future of your profession
    Membership dues are available on the membership application.

Questions? Contact APS Member Services, +1.651.454.7250, or contact us here.