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Development, marketing, support, and effective use of biopesticides in organic, sustainable, and conventional crop production.
M. S. KRAUSE (1). (1) BioWorks, Inc., Victor, NY, U.S.A.

In many respects, biopesticides are developed, registered, and marketed for control of agricultural and horticultural crop diseases similarly to products with synthetic chemical active ingredients. Because many biopesticides contain active ingredients that are living organisms or are produced by living organisms, the activities, limitations, duration, stability, compatibilities, and other characteristics that determine efficacy of a biopesticide active ingredient can be greatly influenced by numerous biotic and abiotic factors. Hence, more technical information about a biopesticide is needed than with a conventional pesticide for developing formulations, best use practices, and guidance and other technical resources needed for growers to properly select and effectively use the product. Practical aspects and potential pitfalls of biopesticide development, registration, marketing, and technical support will be addressed and discussed.

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