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Testimonials from 2009 APS Annual Meeting Attendees

The APS Annual Meeting in Numbers:

  • 96.2% - 2009 attendees who would recommend the APS Annual Meeting to others
  • 84.4% - 2009 attendees who will likely attend the APS Annual Meeting again in 2011.
  • 79.9% - 2009 attendees who have attended more than one APS Annual Meeting
  • 93.1% - 2009 attendees who were satisfied or very satisfied with the special sessions
  • 91.4% - 2009 attendees who were satisfied or very satisfied with the technical program
  • 95.9% - 2009 attendees who were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall meeting value.

Here’s what some attendees said about the APS Annual Meeting in Portland:

“The annual APS meeting is THE meeting for plant pathologists. The scope of science presented is expansive and in-depth.”

“Great meeting, very useful, and worth attending. I decided to attend at the last minute and felt it was well worth the trip to Portland.”

“I met the famous professor in my research area and got very important information I am interested in.”

“Special sessions were great. Great job getting sessions and opportunities for grad students.”

“The meeting was packed with useful information. I especially enjoyed the ‘Hot Topic Session: The Use of Fungicides to Promote Plant Physiological Benefits in Crops.’ The Q&A educated both industry and extension specialists’ concerns on both sides.”

“It’s an intensely busy meeting, with multiple opportunities to learn things scientifically and policy-wise. It helps me keep up with current d.irections and trends in plant pathology.”

“APS meetings are a great opportunity to keep up with recent developments in many specialized areas/topics, present research, and meet and network with colleagues at professional and social events. It is a wonderful professional and personal experience.”

“Thought-provoking plenary session with excellent speakers. Very useful to have the program book (good layout) and abstracts available online well in advance of the meeting. Also really liked being able to print out individual abstracts at the meeting site, instead of having to lug around an abstract book. Very well organized meeting with good sessions overall. Particularly liked the flash-and-dash – great for students and post docs.”