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Plant Disease January, 1990
Volume 74, Number 1

Plant Disease Editorial Board & Policies.    VIEW ABSTRACT  |  VIEW ARTICLE


The Latest in Plant Pathology and Nematology. Page 3. VIEW ARTICLE.


Epidemiological Evaluation of the Development of Waldsterben in Germany. Otto Kandler. Pages: 4-12 VIEW ARTICLE


Characteristics of Strains of Pseudomonas solanacearum from the French West Indies. P. Prior. Pages: 13-17 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Partial Characterization and Serological Analysis of Pseudo-Curly Top Virus. L. L. McDaniel. Pages: 17-21 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Influence of Drip and Furrow Irrigation on Phytophthora Root Rot of Citrus Under Field and Greenhouse Conditions. S. J. Feld. Pages: 21-27 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Fungi Associated with Damping-off of Slash Pine Seedlings in Georgia. J. W. Huang. Pages: 27-30 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

In-Bed Fumigation for Control of Rhizomania of Sugar Beet. F. N. Martin. Pages: 31-35 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Factors Affecting Seedling Blight of Sweet Corn Caused by Seedborne Penicillium oxalicum. Aliza Halfon- Meiri. Pages: 36-39 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Detection of Chrysanthemum Yellows Mycoplasmalike Organism by Dot Hybridization and Southern Blot Analysis. Assunta Bertaccini. Pages: 40-43 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Variation in Response of Norway Maple Cultivars to Verticillium dahliae. A. M. Townsend. Pages: 44-46 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Diallel Analysis of Components of Partial Resistance to Septoria nodorum in Wheat. C. A. Wilkinson. Pages: 47-50 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Influence of Seeding Rate and Interplanting with Tall Fescue on Virus Infection of White Clover. G. E. Brink. Pages: 51-53 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Sphaeropsis sapinea Cankers on Stressed Red and Jack Pines in Minnesota and Wisconsin. T. H. Nicholls. Pages: 54-56 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Double-stranded RNA Associated with the Rose Rosette Disease of Multiflora Rose. R. Di. Pages: 56-58 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Induction of a Hypersensitivelike Reaction in Four-o’clock by Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis. R. D. Gitaitis. Pages: 58-60 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Genetic and Cultural Control of Fusarium Root Rot in Bush Snap Beans. M. J. Silbernagel. Pages: 61-66 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

A Rapid Method for Evaluating Citrus Seedlings for Resistance to Foot Rot Caused by Phytophthora citrophthora. U. Afek. Pages: 66-68 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Morphological, Cultural, and Pathogenic Variation Among Colletotrichum Species Isolated from Strawberry. Barbara J. Smith. Pages: 69-76 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

New Diseases and Epidemics

Cause and Control of Crown Rot of New Guinea Impatiens. Sabrina Castillo. Pages: 77-79 VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Disease Notes

Occurrence of Tomato Pith Necrosis Caused by Pseudomonas corrugata in Massachusetts. Robert L. Wick. Page: 80 VIEW NOTE

Leaf Smut Caused by Ustilago buchloes Found on Buffalograss in Texas. D. R. Huff. Page: 80 VIEW NOTE

A Viroid from Coleus Species in Brazil. M. E. N. Fonseca. Page: 80 VIEW NOTE

Outbreak of Watermelon Fruit Blotch in the Mariana Islands. G. C. Wall. Page: 80 VIEW NOTE

Aecial and Pycnial Stages of Bean Rust in Colorado. H. F. Schwartz. Page: 80 VIEW NOTE

Insensitivity of Bremia lactucae to Metalaxyl on Lettuce in Florida. R. N. Raid. Page: 81 VIEW NOTE

Introduction of the Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus and Western Flower Thrips Complex into Field Vegetables in Ontario, Canada. R. E. Pitblado. Page: 81 VIEW NOTE

Pink Seed of Wheat Caused by Erwinia rhapontici in Idaho. R. L. Forster. Page: 81 VIEW NOTE

Bean Calico Mosaic, a New Disease of Common Bean Caused by a Whitefly-Transmitted Geminivirus. J. K. Brown. Page: 81 VIEW NOTE

Thielaviopsis Root Rot of Corn-salad. M. E. Stanghellini. Page: 81 VIEW NOTE

Widespread Occurrence of Meloidogyne incognita on Kiwifruit in the Coastal Areas of South Carolina. R. A. Haygood. Page: 81 VIEW NOTE


Withering Plant Diseas Epidemiology? J. C. Zadoks.  Page: 82. VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE

Special Topic

An Expert System for Diagnosing Muskmelon Disorders. R. X. Latin, G. E. Miles, J. C. Rettinger, and J. R. Mitchell. Pages: 83-87.  VIEW ABSTRACT  |  VIEW ARTICLE

Acknowledgment of Reviewers. Pages: 90-91. VIEW ABSTRACT  |   VIEW ARTICLE