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APS Centennial 

centennial_01.jpgHistory of Excellence, Future of Promise

More than five years of planning went into ensuring that 2008 would be a spectacular Centennial Year for The American Phytopathological Society.The Centennial Planning Committe​e, Scientific Programs Board, the generous sponsors​ and the hundreds of additional volunteers deserve our thanks and appreciation for their hard work and dedication. They created a memorable Centennial experience for all of us.

2008 was a record-breaking year! We broke the 5,000 mark for membership for the first time ever, with more than 5,200 members! The Centennial meeting was one of the best attended ever, with nearly 1900 attendees from 43 countries.

To revisit this spectacular year, you can access some of the pieces from the Centennial online, from the Centennial Meeting program book ​to the timeline of major historic events, an online version of the book Memorable Milestones, the Oral History Project, and webcasts of all plenary speakers, perspectives from plant pathologists, and flash and dash presentations​​​.

Here’s to the next 100 years!