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Divisional Forum


The Divisional Forum (DF) exists to  facilitate discussion of disciplinary and membership issues of particular relevance to APS Divisions, and to represent those issues before Council. DF promotes interaction among Divisions to discuss challenges facing the discipline of plant pathology at the regional level, and by facilitating  meetings among divisions or with other relevant groups. DF seeks to attract and engage students and early career professionals, and to increase membership in APS through divisional activities and leadership opportunities.​


Organizational Structure

The Divisional Forum is comprised of the following:

  • Divisional Forum Representatives (DFR): One from each division; each serving a three-year term and elected from and by the membership of each division.
  • Additional forum representatives may be added as divisions are added to the society.  
  • A Divisional Councilor (DC) who serves a three-year term on APS Council.  The DC is elected from the membership of the DF by a majority vote of members of the DF.   The DC must not have outstanding conflicts with other offices or committees of APS.  During the second year of the term of the DC, the DF will nominate candidates to succeed the current DC on Council.
  • The DF seat vacated by election of a DC will be filled by an APS member selected by a vote of the membership of the DC's home division, the term of which will be concurrent with the DC's 3-yr term on Council.
  • The DF will annually select a Chair from among the DF members.
  • The Immediate Past Chair will continue for one additional year as an ex officio, non-voting member of DF
  • A DFR will serve on the Nominations Committee of APS for an expected term of three years. Nominations are from current DFRs. If the DFR serving on the Nominations Committee is not a current member of the DF, that representative will serve as an ex officio (non-voting) member.
  • The DF may form committees as necessary.
  • Each DFR who is unable to participate in a DF event shall find a delegate to ensure that each division is always represented. The Chair will help facilitate this temporary replacement, as needed.


General Responsibilities

  • DF is charged by Council to be the coordinating body for divisions to share ideas, develop cooperative projects, identify individuals for leadership opportunities, and represent the society’s divisions.
  • DF is empowered to dispense funds if they are allocated by Council and form sub-committees (e.g., ad hoc) for divisional programs, as well as to utilize staff time for execution of these programs.
  • It is the responsibility of DF to coordinate, enable, and nurture the organization of new APS divisions and monitor the health of existing divisions.
  • DF will provide a platform for discussion of scientific issues and initiatives related to plant health.
  • DF will choose the highest priority subjects for organizational efforts of the society by recommending membership groups with similar interests or goals, and periodically, will reassess these priorities with Council.
  • DF will interact with divisions not only by individual representatives but also as a group providing guidance to divisions in activities that enhance the discipline of plant pathology.
  • The Chair of DF will facilitate interaction of DF with APS staff liaison to DF.


General Responsibilities of the Divisional Councilor

  • The Divisional Councilor (DC) will represent the DF on Council and will participate in all in-person and remote Council meetings. The DC serves as liaison between Council and the DF, works closely with the DF Chair, and is a full and active member of the DF.
  • Upon appointment, the incoming DC should participate in DFactivities such as the mid-year meeting that precedes their term as councilor and serve as ex officio member of the DF. The APS staff liaison is charged with inviting the incoming DFC to relevant events that precede the start of their term.


General Responsibilities of the Divisional Forum Chair

  • The DF Chair is the primary contact between DF and the DC. The DF Chair, in conjunction with the DC, will facilitate the establishment of priorities and individual assignments. 
  • The DF Chair will prepare and submit reportson DF activities or DF committees to the Internal Communications Officer of APS upon request.
  • The DF Chair will develop and distribute an agenda for all meetings of the DF.


Specific Responsibilities of Divisional Forum Representatives

  • The DF will meet annually at the APS annual meeting.  However, planning, decision-making, and program execution are expected to occur throughout the year.
  • DF members are expected to participate actively in DF meetings, and respond in a timely manner to requests from the DC and DF Chair.
  • DF representatives are the liaison between the DF and their respective divisions.
  • DF representatives will promote more effective interactions among members within and between divisions.