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Phytopathology News, Vol. 53, No. 02

Plant Pathology's Perplexing Past—The Rest of the Story: E. F. Smith and the Fusarium Wilts

Robert M. Harveson, University of Nebraska,​​​​

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Courtesy X. Zhang—© APS. Reproduced, by permission, from Martyn, R. D., and Vakalounakis, D. J. 2012. Fusarium wilts of greenhouse cucurbits: Melon, watermelon, and cucumber. Pages 159-174 in: Fusarium Wilts of Greenhouse Vegetable and Ornamental Crops. M. L. Gullino, J. Katan, and A. Garibaldi, eds. American Phytopathological Society, St. Paul, MN.