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Division ​News​​​

  • Register now for the APS-CD 2024 Meeting in Merida, Mexico, April 15–17, 2024. Recommended saved dates for travel: April 14–18.

  • The 2023 APS-CD meeting was held in South Padre Island, TX on ​February 9-10, 2023. Abstracts have been published here.

​Working on tropical plants? Join the APS Caribbean Division! 

If you are not currently a member of the division and would like to join, contact APS Headquarters or complete the application below (available in both English and Spanish). Membership dues for the Caribbean Division are $15.00 per year for regular members and $​5.00 per year for students and post-doctorals.

English Form      Forma Española

​Proposals for hosting future APS Caribbean Division Meetings

Click here for application.

  Visit the APS Caribbean Division Facebook page!