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Technical Abstracts - Orals and Posters​

Poster Presentations​

​The maximum size for a poster is 46 inches (116 cm) wide by 45 inches (114 cm) high. 

​​P​oster Presentation Guidel​​​​ines​​​​

Abstract submission is now closed 

Abstract Submission Deadline – March 15, 2019 (2​3:59 Central Daylight Time)

Upon beginning an abstract submission, you will receive an email with a link to access your submission. You may use this link to access/edit/complete your submission at any time before the submission deadline.

Abstract Submission Fee - $55 U​SD per abstract submitted (non-refundable, payable online by credit card)

If you need assistance with your payment, please contact us.  

Submission Guidelines

Important Considerations​ Before You Submit an Abstract

  • Edit and proof your abstract before submitting. APS will not edit abstract submissions; they will be published as submitted.
  • There are no limits on the number of oral presentations submitted, however no individual may be the presenter of more than one oral presentation. Prior to submission, oral abstracts must be reviewed by two non-authors.
  • Specifying a preference for an oral or poster presentation does not guarantee placement in that area. Final presentation type will be determined by the Annual Meeting Board based on quality and subject matter that best fits the meeting program.
  • Designated presenting author (of either an oral technical or poster) must be registered for Plant Health 2019 and paid the fee by May 17, 2019. Failure to register will result in your abstract being withdrawn from the meeting.
  • Abstracts should be proofed to make sure all authors and affiliations were accepted to the online form.
  • Publication of tables, charts, and graphs projected onto screens or posted at the annual meeting by anyone other than an author or presenter is prohibited unless a release has been requested and received in writing from an author or presenter

Acceptance Criteria

  • Abstracts must report results of original research or other activity of significant merit that relates to phytopathology and the related industry.
  • Abstracts must include the following elements: justification, objectives, methods, results, and significance of the research to the science of phytopathology.
  • Abstracts must not be simply a review or progress report, but contain useful and new information. Abstracts must not include references or footnotes.
  • Abstracts must be in final form with no grammatical, typographical, or factual errors.
  • No abstract that has been presented or is intended to be presented at another meeting shall be submitted for consideration. 

Terms and Conditions

By submitting an abstract to APS for Plant Health 2019, submitters agree to the following terms & conditions:

If the abstract is accepted, I agree that the designated presenting author will present the abstract at Plant Health 2019, August 3-7, 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A., and will register and pay the registration fee by May 17, 2019. I understand that failure to complete the above terms will result in the cancellation of my abstract submission.

Non-US Government Submitters:

I confirm that this is an original work and that the abstract has not been previously published. I and any contributing authors, as sole proprietors of the abstract, agree to transfer copyright of the abstract to the American Phytopathological Society. Abstracts will be published online in May 2019. By agreeing, I accept this copyright transfer.

US Government Submitters:

I hereby confirm that the abstract submitted, having bene created by an employee or agency of the U.S. government or for some other reason not being eligible for copyright, is in the public domain and as such may be reproduced freely. I acknowledge that APS is relying on this statement in determining that the work is copyright free.

I understand that failure to accept the applicable copyright transfer or public domain notice will result in the immediate cancellation of my abstract submission.


Submission Information

1. Abstract Title

  • 150 characters maximum
  • Capitalize only the first letter of the first word and any proper nouns
  • Registered names and trademarks are not permitted in title
  • Symbols (Greek, math, etc.) must be spelled out, e.g., Beta

2. Submitter Email

  • The links to access the abstract submission will be sent to this email address

3. Submission Type

  • Acceptance as an oral presentation is not guaranteed. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Annual Meeting Board.
  • Oral - An individual may be the presenter of only one oral presentation.
    • There is a limit of one (1) oral presentation presenter.
    • Prior to submission, oral abstracts must be reviewed by two non-authors.
    • Oral presentations are allocated 15 minutes (10 minutes for presentation + 5 minutes for discussion).
    • Acceptance as an oral, and applicable presentation date and time, will be announced at a later date.
  • Poster - Open to all for submission.
    • There is no limit on the number of poster presentations that may be submitted.
    • Poster presenters are required to be present at their poster during certain time frames throughout the meeting for publication (designated times to be announced).

4. Categories and Key Words

  • Select the topic category and keywords that best describe your abstract.

5. APS Foundation Travel Award Consideration

  • Only select “Yes” if you wish to complete the Travel Award application process

6. Add Authors

  • Type the name of the abstract author (presenting author and/or co-author) in the box. If the person is found in the APS database, their name and partial email address will be displayed. If the author is found, select their name.
  • If the author is not found in the database, select “Can’t find the person you’re looking for?” and then “Add New Person.”
  • The first person added will be designated as the Presenting Author, but this role can be changed after multiple authors have been entered.

7. Edit Selected Person/Add New Person

  • Enter the required fields for the author

8. Abstract Text

  • The abstract must be in one paragraph.
  • DO NOT INCLUDE the title, author name(s), or author affiliations in the abstract text field.
  • Use the abstract toolbar to add formatting (italics, superscripts, or subscripts)
  • Character limit is 1,490 characters including spaces (Approximately 250 word count).

9. Abstract Payment

  • The abstract submission fee is $55 USD. It is non-refundable and payable by credit card.


Abstract Tips

Looking for some guidance as you start to put your abstract together?

Check out this useful guide "Why We Write Abstracts for APS Meetings—and How We Can Do It Better," by David Gadoury, Cornell University


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