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​Sneak Peek of the Program Highlights for Plant Health 2019

An incredible program is coming together for 2019, check out these highlights featuring 18 special sessions, 9 workshops and 4 field trips!

Special Sessions

  • Beneficial Microbes: From Isolation to Product Registration and the Regulatory Process
  • Bottling Breakthroughs: How Industry Creates Plant Health Products from Scientific Innovation
  • Current Trends and Directions in CRISPR/Cas9 Technology for Filamentous Fungi and Oomycetes
  • Genomics and Phenomics to Characterize Host Resistance
  • Host-Pathogen Interactions at the Plant Surface
  • Impact of Environmental Changes on Nematode Communities and Soil Health
  • Impacts of Agricultural Fungicides on Clinical Anti-Fungal Resistance
  • Light, Leaves, and Pathogens - Spectroscopy for Plant Disease Detection
  • Mycotoxin Mayhem: Insect Pests in The Mix
  • New Products & Services
  • Pathogen Adaptation to the Plant Vascular System
  • Pathogens, Endophytes and Saprophytes: The Fine Line between Ecological Niches within the Botryosphaeriaceae
  • Plant Pathologists of the Future: Showcasing Graduate Student Presentation Winners from APS Division Meetings
  • Propagate Plants, not Pests and Pathogens
  • Replicability in Plant Pathology: Do We Have a Problem?
  • STEM Mentoring Fuels the Next Generation of Scientists
  • The Promise and Limitations of SDHI fungicides
  • Validation of High Throughput Sequencing: from Virus Detection to Plant Certification


  • Bioinformatics Basics: Teaching Bioinformatics to Undergraduates and Novices
  • Effector Visualization: Teaching & Research Tools for Studying Pathogen Effectors During Infection
  • Get Your Research Project Organized, Shareable, and Reproducible Using R and Other Open Source Tools
  • Intro to R for Plant Pathologists
  • Mixed Models for Data Analysis in Plant Pathology
  • Modeling Tools and Techniques Using R
  • Next Generation Leadership Essentials: Developing Effective Leadership Skills for All Levels
  • Pitch 120: Honing Scientific Communication Skills for a Broader Audience
  • Rapid and Simple ​Plant Health Diagnostics using LAMP​ Isothermal Amplification (s​ponsored and hosted by OptiGene Limited)
  • The Plant Root System: Gateway to Plant-Beneficial Rhizosphere Microbiome Interactions​

Field Trips

  • Arboriculture and Commercial Turfgrass Management in the "Forest City"
  • Discovering Ohio's Ornamental Heritage: From Research, To Farm, To Table
  • Existing and Emerging Forest Health Challenges in the Great Lakes Region
  • A Midwestern Fungal and Plant Pathology Foray