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NEW FOR 2017!
One-to-One (1:1): Conversation with an Expert

This is your opportunity to get access to a selection of our most knowledgeable experts in plant pathology. These experts have the desire to share their knowledge, skills and experiences in a variety of scientific and professional areas. These informal 15-minute meetings can be used to get answers your questions, generate new research ideas, and obtain advice on your professional goals/career.

Spaces are limited! Sign up is available during the meeting. Look for signs in the registration area and exhibit hall.


2:30—4:00 p.m.

  • Steve Lindow, UC-Berkeley
    Areas: Mentor, phyllosphere ecology, national academy member, and pathosystems
  • Pierce Paul, Ohio State University
    Areas: Mentor, epidemiology of cereal crops with emphasis on integrated disease management and international research
  • Eric Tedford, Syngenta
    Areas: Mentor, chemical control and product development
  • Anne Vidaver, University of Nebraska
    Areas: Mentor, bacteriology, disease control, and beneficial bacteria, regulation of plant pathogens, past APS president and department head
  • Ric Dunkle, Senior Director of Seed Health and Trade
    Area: Mentor and industry
  • Christine Smart, Cornell
    Areas: Mentor, IPM of vegetable crops, Pathogen biology, Phytophtora, research, extension and K-12 outreach
  • Karen Garrett, University of Florida
    Areas: Mentor, plant disease epidemiology, network analysis and modeling


9:30—10:30 a.m.

  • Walt Mahaffee, USDA
    Areas: Mentor, IPM for small fruit crops, emphasis on epidemiology and biocontol of fungal plant pathogens
  • Jim Bradeen, University of Minnesota
    Areas: Mentor, genomics of disease resistance, social media, administration and diversity and inclusion
  • Neil McRoberts, UC-Davis
    Areas: Mentor, quantitative epidemiology and disease dispersal at multiple scales and mid-career
  • Judith Brown, University of Arizona
    Areas: Mentor, diversity, evolution, and molecular epidemiology of genus Begomovirus, Geminiviridae, phylogeography of hemipteran vectors, functional genomics of whitefly, transcriptomics of Ca. Liberibacter-potato and vector interactions and RNAi for vector control
  • Margery Daughtrey, Cornell
    Areas: Mentor, extension specialist, ornamental crops greenhouse and nurseries and women in science