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Field Trips

Alphabetical by section.

Forest Pathology Field Trip

Section: Disease of Plants
Organizer: Ellen Goheen, USDA Forest Service, Central Point, OR
Sponsoring Committee: Forest Pathology

This one-day field trip, departing from and returning to Portland, OR, will include stops to look at major tree diseases of forest ecosystems of northern Oregon and southern Washington. 

Ornamental Plant Disease Field Trip

Section: Disease of Plants
Organizers: David Norman, University of Florida, Apopka, FL; Nancy Osterbauer, Oregon Dept of Agriculture, Salem, OR
Sponsoring Committees: Ornamental Plant Diseases, Regulatory

Oregon is the third largest producer of nursery crops in the United States with 2,073 greenhouse operations. It is No. 1 in the US in the production of shade trees, coniferous evergreens, and Christmas trees; No. 2 among all states in the production of deciduous trees and broad leaf evergreens; and No. 3 in the production of all other ornamentals. This year’s APS Ornamental Production Tour on Saturday, August 1, will highlight nurseries that show the diversity of plant production in Oregon. Representatives from each production facility will speak on disease problems they encounter in the Northwest.

Tree Fruit Field Trip

Section: Plant Disease Management
Organizers: Chang-Lin Xiao, Washington State University, Wenatchee, WA; Alex Cochran, Syngenta Crop Protection, Granite Bay, CA; Robert Spotts, Mid-Columbia Agricultural Resource & Extension Center, Hood River, OR
Sponsoring Committees: Chemical, Post Harvest
Financial Sponsors: Dow, Syngenta

The 2009 tree fruit tour will be held prior to the APS Meeting in Portland, Ore. The tour will include tree fruit orchard and packing house visits in Yakima, WA and Hood River, OR. The bus will leave from in front of the hotel at 8 am, July 31. The trip to Yakima will take us through the Columbia River Gorge. Once in Yakima, we will visit apple, pear and cherry orchards and packing houses. This part of the tour will be hosted by Chang-Lin Xiao, Washington State University, and we will stay in Yakima the first night. The following day, we will travel to Hood River to visit orchards and packing houses and return to Portland in the afternoon. This portion of the tour will be hosted by Robert Spotts, Oregon State University. Presentations from various researchers from Northwest will also be included.