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The APS Annual Meeting in Numbers:

  • 97.3% - 2008 attendees who would recommend the APS Annual Meeting to others
  • 86.7% - 2008 attendees who will likely attend the APS Annual Meeting again in 2009
  • 76.9% - 2008 attendees who have attended more than one APS Annual Meeting
  • 88.4% - 2008 attendees who were satisfied or very satisfied with the technical program
  • 97.1% - 2008 attendees who were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall meeting value
  • 28.6% - Increase in attendance since 2005

Here’s what 2008 APS Annual Meeting attendees said:

“APS always hosts a professional meeting that is informative and beneficial. I always feel reinvigorated when I return home from an annual meeting.”

“I met a lot of people that before I only knew their name on papers that I have read.”

“Full of information, find whatever you need in plant pathology.”

“It is a great place to meet other plant pathologists, network and discuss research and get new research ideas. You can also find collaborators from other universities for grant proposals.”

“Excellent in all respects: venue, preparation, technical and historical content, opportunities to meet fellow scientists.”

“The opportunities for networking are probably the biggest single reason to go to the APS meeting. The science is generally excellent, and it gives you an opportunity to hear what sort of work is in the pipeline in your areas of interest. However, the opportunity to meet with the people doing that work and develop a relationship with them is the single most important thing the meeting can do for you.”

“I rate it among the best professional meetings I have attended during my career.”

“Definitely worth attending.”

“It was a great time! The meeting was very informative and certainly had material to satisfy all interests.”

“I recommend APS meetings to give people a taste of the diverse subjects in the profession… and to broaden my own horizons. APS meetings are also a good time to catch up with colleagues that I don’t see at more subject-specific meetings. Overall, the sessions are well-organized and have interesting topics.”

“An outstanding and informative meeting.”

“It was a very good opportunity to develop personal relationships with people in your field and had useful technical information for any type of plant pathologist.”