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On​line Resources for K-12 Students

By David O. TeBeest
Department of Plant Pathology
University of Arkansas

The world wide web has certainly become a very large and interesting place. It is full of information of all sorts, but it is not necessarily easy to navigate and sometimes lacks useful directions. The K-12 section of the APS Education Center offers a resource center that highlights web sites that may be of interest to teachers and students in science and in agriculture.

One web site that may be of interest to teachers and students alike and that has just been added to the Education Center K-12 Resource Catalog is found at Quick review of the cover page shows that it offers material on many aspects of Florida agriculture, but it also offers a "Kids, Teachers" section and a "Kids' Kitchen." The "Kids,Teachers" site has sections on Agri-Literacy, Ag-in-the-Classroom, Science Fair Projects, and a Kids' Page. These sections discuss several areas including the relative importance of agriculture (to Florida), the scientific method, science fair projects, careers in agricultural sciences, information for teachers and links to other agricultural science sites. One section of the materials for teachers offers ways in which agriculture can be brought into the classroom across the nation. The Kids' Kitchen offers recipes and a cookbook that kids can easily handle and encourages kids to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. This appears to be a very useful site that provides information for both teachers and students and also serves as a link to many other useful sites that may not have been found yet by the busy web surfer.

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
From the web site described above in the Ag-in-the-Classroom Section.


Views: Karnal bunt of wheat was discovered in 1996 in the United States, 66 years after its first discovery in Karnal, India. In the US, the disease is now limited by quarantine to areas in Arizona, New Mexico, California and Texas.
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