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​​​A Short Course in Plant Pathology For Middle School Through Remote Learning​

Renata Belisário, Jacob Ball, Laura Tew, and Lisa Vaillancourt​. 2021. A Short Course In Plant Pathology For Middle School Through Remote Learning ​. The Plant Health Instructor. DOI: 10.1094/PHI-E-2021-0426-01​


Appendix 1: Questionnaire for the module “Plant Disease Detective”

  1. ​​Where did you collect your diseased plant? (In your backyard? In a park? Another place?)  Describe the place, were there a lot of trees or plants?  Was it near a road or creek?  Was it sunny or shady?  Add any other details you can think of. ​

  2. What is the name of the plant? Did you use an app to help you to identify the plant?  If so, which app did you use?
  3. Compare a healthy leaf with your sick leaf.  How do they look different?  Describe the symptoms that made you think that the tree was sick.

  4. Can you see any more details if you look at your sick leaf with the hand lens?  Describe what you see.  After you put a sick leaf in a moist chamber, can you see anything different?  Describe what you see.
  5. Was only one plant sick, or many plants? How many of the leaves on the tree were sick versus healthy?  Most of them or just a few?​

Appendix 2: Suggested Elements for Video Reports.

  1. Where did you collect the diseased plant? (In a garden? In your backyard? In a park?)

  2. What is the name of the plant?

  3. Did you use an app to identify the plant? If yes, which one?

  4. Compare a healthy leaf with a sick leaf. How do they look different?

  5. Did you see any pathogen structures using your hand lens?

  6. Was only one plant sick or many plants?

  7. Which parts of the plants had disease symptoms?

  8. What made you think that the plant was sick?

  9. If the disease is biotic, what group of organisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses, or nematodes) caused the disease?

  10. What references did you use to learn about the plant disease?

  11. What steps did you and the plant pathologist take to diagnose the sick plant?

  12. What is/are your conclusion/s based on your observations AND the talk with the plant pathologist?

  13. Why is plant disease diagnosis important?

  14. Describe one thing you learned about a career in plant pathology.

Appendix 3: Rubric for the video report and peer review


Appendix 4: Essay Questions for the Final Assessment​​

  1. What is a plant disease and how is it different from a plant injury?

  2. What are the steps in the scientific process of plant disease diagnosis?

  3. How can you tell if information you find on the inter​net is reliable or not?

  4. What do you think you would enjoy most about being a plant pathologist? What do you think you would enjoy least?

  5. What do you think is the most important thing for people to know about plants and plant diseases?​​