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Suggested Quiz and Study Questions

  1. How does the temperature response function for the generic infection model respond to lower temperatures?

  2. What is the primary inoculum of brown spot of pear?

  3. When does the sexual phase of brown spot occur and how was maturity predicted?

  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the generic infection model?

  5. What is it called when predictor variables in a multiple linear regression model are correlated to one another?

  6. Which is better: a low true negative proportion (TNP) and high false negative proportion (FNP), or a high TNP and low FNP?

  7. If a farmer plants sugar beet in the same field year after year, what can be done to reduce the number of nematodes (Heterodera schachtii) without using a nematicide?

  8. In order to estimate the number of sugar beet cyst nematodes (Heterodera schachtii) in a field, what two key pieces of information are needed other than the number of nematodes at the end of the previous year?

  9. When performing a backward elimination approach for multiple linear regression, what criteria does R use to determine the best model?

Student goal evaluation via scoring rubric

Section 4. Excellent 3. Good 2. Acceptable 1. Unacceptable

Module Topics

Can apply or modify R-code in order to run presented examples.

Understands the mathematical concepts and assumptions for application with plant pathological data.

Understands output and can give a biological interpretation of the results.

Can apply or modify R-code in order to run presented examples.

Understands mathematical concepts but understanding of model assumptions is incomplete.

Understands output but biological interpretation may not be complete.

Can apply or modify R-code in order to run presented examples.

Interpretation of model output is incomplete because of incomplete knowledge of mathematical concept or biological meaning.

Cannot apply program, cannot interpret output.

Questions and Quizzes

Correctly answers 9-10 of 10 questions and provides appropriate details.

Correctly answers 7-8 of 10 questions and provides adequate but not complete detail.

Correctly answers 5-6 of 10 questions, provides some detail.

Correctly answers <5 of 10 questions, level of detail is unsatisfactory.



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