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Council appoints the Treasurer of the Society for a three-year term. Individuals shall not serve more than two terms consecutively. A Treasurer-Elect is appointed to serve concurrently with the Treasurer during the last year of the Treasurer's term. The Treasurer cannot simultaneously hold another office of the Society during their tenure as treasurer.

General Responsibilities

  1. Assumes office at the close of the Society's annual meeting following appointment.
  2. Serves as a member of Council, the Executive Committee of the Council, the Headquarters Operations Committee, and as an ex officio member on the Foundation Board and the APS Press Editorial Board.
  3. Develop, in consultation with FAC, the financial strategic plan of APS.
  4. Prepares an annual report with help from headquarters’ staff, orders an audited financial statement for the Society, and submits these to the Internal Communications Officer for publication in the Society's annual report. The treasurer's report should include activities of FAC if a separate FAC annual report is not prepared.
  5. Serves as the fiscal officer of the Society.
  6. Serves as Treasurer of APS Foundation and attends all Foundation meetings.

Responsibilities as the Fiscal Officer

The treasurer, with the approval of the Council, is the officer responsible for the management of the financial affairs of APS. The CEO and Vice President of Finance have the direct responsibility for the general accounting, record keeping, budgeting, payroll, and other direct management procedures of the headquarters. The CEO and Vice President of Finance are accountable to the Treasurer in all matters regarding prescribed policies, practices, and procedures established by the Council in the management of the financial affairs of the Society.

In cooperation with the CEO and Vice President of Finance, the Treasurer:

  1. Is responsible for the preparation of the annual budget of APS for consideration and approval by the Council.
  2. Is responsible for periodic financial statements of APS, including the annual audited financial statement for presentation to Council and membership of APS.
  3. Based upon a plan for efficient and prudent fiscal management of Society affairs, the Treasurer makes recommendations to Council on matters relevant to the immediate and long-term financial health of APS.
  4. ​FAC reviews and approves investment policy of the reserve funds of the Society for approval by Council.
  5. With the assistance of staff, establishes fees for advertisements in all society publications.
  6. With the assistance of staff and the Director of the Annual Meetings Board considers funding of ancillary workshops and programs.