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Internal Communications Officer

The Council appoints the Internal Communications Officer of the society for a three-year term of office. Individuals shall not serve more than two terms consecutively. The Internal Communications Officer cannot simultaneously hold another office of the society during the term as Internal Communications Officer.

General Responsibilities

  1. Assumption of office: Takes office at the close of the society's annual meeting following appointment.
  2. Membership: Serves as a member of the Council and of the Executive Committee of the Council.
  3. Primary duty: Serves as the internal communication officer (ICO) of the Society and oversees communication and accomplishment of tasks and action items.
  4. Strategic Plan: With the Presidential lineage, develops a Strategic Plan for discussion and approval by Council.  The ICO communicates the Strategic Plan to boards, offices, committees, and the general membership, and facilitates alignment of activities of the forgoing with the Strategic Plan.
  5. Agenda: Assists the president and staff in preparing the agenda for all regular and called meetings of the Council and of the Executive Committee. ​When necessary and desirable, issues a specific call for agenda items to Council members, standing and ad hoc committee chairs, office and board directors and chairs, and representatives.
  6. Reporting to Council: Communicates with boards, offices and committees, according to their scheduled meetings, to coordinate exchange of information between the foregoing entities and  between the entities and Council for immediate upcoming meetings of Council.
  7. Annual Membership Report: Delivers an annual report on membership to the assembled Society at the annual meeting, including a rememberance of members who passed away since the previous annual meeting.
  8. Annual Report of the Society: Prepares and coordinates with staff  the Annual Report of the Society for posting on APSnet and publication in Phytopathology News.  Calls for reports from society officers, division councilors, editors-in-chiefs, directors and chairs of ad hoc and special committees, boards and offices, including staff and society representatives for annual reports.
  9. Reporting to Membership: Prepares periodic (e.g., quarterly) articles for Phytopathology News on Council initiatives, activities, and issues of strategic importance.
  10. Manual of Operations: Coordinates editing of the "Manual of Operations" (MoO) of the Society with headquarters staff and relevant  boards, offices, and committees; as necessary, but no less often than every 3 years. MoO revisions require approval by majority vote of Council. The MoO is posted on APSnet.
  11. Appointments by Council: In preparation for Council meetings, reviews with staff necessary APS Council appointments for the coming year.

Meetings of the Council and Executive Committee

  1. Notification of Meetings: With staff, notifies Council and Executive committee members of the dates and place of all meetings and distributes the agenda and other pertinent information.
  2. Parliamentarian​: Serves as the parliamentarian during meetings of Council and facilitates the observation of rules of order, motions, and votes of Council.
  3. Minutes of Meetings: With staff, edits and delivers for posting to APSnet, minutes of all meetings of Council and Executive Committee within 10 days of said meetings. Approved minutes are posted to the Council collaborative site.