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Immediate Past President

General Responsibilities

  1. Serves as a member of Council and the Executive Committee of Council.
  2. In cooperation with the Internal Communications Officer, prepares annual reports on progress toward the goals of the APS Strategic Plan, appropriate versions of which will be distributed to (i) Council, and (ii)  the general APS membership as an article published in Phytopathology News.
  3. Serves as a member of the Headquarters Operations Committee (HOC) and chair of this committee in odd-numbered years. A representative of the Cereals & Grains Association​ will chair HOC in even numbered years. As HOC chair:
    1. Calls meetings of the Headquarters Operations Committee to consider all matters pertaining to the management and operation of the jointly owned headquarters facility and its staff.
    2. Prepares the agenda for the meeting in consultation with the executive vice president.
    3. Presides at meetings of the committee and conducts essential business.
    4. Supervises the annual performance review of the executive vice president.
  4. Presides at the awards ceremony at the annual meeting​.
  5. Generally chairs the Affiliates’ Meeting and Past Presidents' Luncheon at the annual meeting.
  6. Conducts the orientation for new members of Council.
  7. Provide insight on the vision of APS at the committee orientation session during the annual meeting.
  8. Serves as an ex-officio voting member of the OPRO