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​​​​Office of International Programs (OIP)

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Purpose: OIP plays a pivotal role in realizing the APS mission and strategic goals A, B, and C. Its purpose is to provide leadership, coordination, and support to APS initiatives that enhance global collaboration, promote professional development, and facilitate informed decision-making in plant health science worldwide.

Purpose and Charge​ of OIP Programs:

Collaboration and Partnership Building (APS Strategic Goals A, C): 
  • ​Strengthening partnerships with sister societies and exploring joint initiatives for international cooperation and knowledge exchange. 
  • In conjunction with APS Council, actively engaging in discussions and collaborations with international organizations to recommend efforts that support global, sustainable plant health solutions.

Awards and Recognition (Strategic Goa​l B​):
  • ​Evaluating existing awards and programs to determine whether improvements should be recommended to Council. These awards and programs should encourage international collaboration and knowledge sharing that recognize professional successes among members working in international activities, or that recognize excellence and promote sustainable plant health science globally. 
  • Work with APS Foundation and Awards and Honors Committee to assess any additional identified needs and rely on Foundation to provide appropriate fundraising efforts.

Promotion and Content Creation (Strategic Goal C): 
  • Creating engaging content that highlights the impact of APS-OIP programs and initiatives on global plant health science.
  • Using that content on social media and other communication channels to promote and increase awareness of APS’s international activities.

Organizational Structure

To carry out its responsibilities, the OIP shall be comprised of the following:

  • A director
  • A vice director
  • Immediate past director
  • 10 members
  • APS Foundation Board member (ex-officio, nonvoting)
  • APS Staff Member (ex-officio, nonvoting)

Council appoints the director and vice director. Members will be formally appointed by a majority vote of the OIP and will serve a three-year term but may not serve more than two consecutive terms. Appointments should be staggered so that no more than one-third are replaced or reappointed each year. All members must be members of APS.

General Responsibilities of the Director

The director, appointed by the Council for a three-year term, is responsible for the activities of the OIP. The director reports to Council when requested and at other times when major changes are made, makes financial requests to Council and prepares a report of activities for inclusion in the annual report. The director shall appoint an official note taker at each meeting of the OIP. That individual will provide their draft to the director to be disseminated, approved, and archived. The director serves as liaison with the APS Foundation in selection of recipients for the International Travel Grant and JANE Fund, with the exception of the APS International Service Award. The director ensures announcements for these funds are included in Phytopathology News issue at least three months prior to the application deadlines.

General Responsibilities of the Vice Director

The vice director will be appointed by Council and will serve a three-year term, this position is not reappointable. This is a leadership role on OIP but does not automatically transition into the director position. The vice director will also support the efforts of the director and at times may step in to lead other selected initiatives as appropriate. The director and vice director will coordinate meetings and conference calls with the members of the Office, and will share responsibilities for drafting reports and other communications from the Office.

General Responsibilities of the OIP

The OIP is responsible for advice and oversight on OIP activities and policies, and helps establish OIP committees and committee chairs. OIP members will be proactive in bringing issues to the attention of OIP and in pursuing opportunities to increase the visibility of APS internationally. The OIP will meet regularly year-round for planning, decision-making, and program execution. OIP members are expected to participate actively in discussions and to respond in a timely manner to requests for information/opinion by the OIP director and staff.

General Responsibilities of the Committees of OIP

OIP may form committees and action groups as necessary. Committee chairs will be OIP members. Additional committee members may be added at the discretion of the committee membership and with the approval of the director. Committee members will not vote on OIP issues, but are encouraged to attend and participate in all OIP activities. All committee members must be members of APS. Committee members are expected to participate actively in regular committee discussions and to respond in a timely manner to requests for information/opinion by the Committee Chair, OIP director and staff.