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The APS Foundation promotes and enhances the educational experience and professional development of APS members, which are outside the normal operating budget of​ APS, through innovative initiatives providing growth and opportunities in th​e field of plant pathology in support of the sustainable production of an affordable, safe and secure food, feed, fuel and fiber supply.  ​

Organizational Structure

To carry out its responsibilities, the Foundation Board shall be comprised of the following:

  • Chair 

  • Chair-elect, appointed by the Foundation Board at least one year prior to starting chair position for onboarding.
  • Seven (7) board members (four appointed by Council and three appointed by the Foundation Board)​

  • APS Treasurer (ex officio, non-voting) 

  • APS Chief Executive Officer (ex officio, non-voting) 

  • Graduate Student Committee representative, typically the committee chair (ex-​officio, ​voting)

Four (4) board members are appointed and approved by APS Council (typically from a call for volunteers to the APS membership or recommendations received from the Foundation Board or Nominations Committee) and three (3) are appointed by the Foundation Board. Appointments are for three-year terms and are staggered so that two or three members rotate off annually after​ the APS annual meeting. Members may be appointed for no more than two consecutive terms followed by at least one year off the Board. At least one Board member shall represent industry. The Foundation Board Chair is elected by the Foundation Board members for a term of three years and may serve no more than two consecutive terms.

Officers of the Board

The officers of the Foundation are the Chair and Chair-elect (when applicable). The officers are elected from the voting members of the Board for a three-year term and may be re-elected to a second consecutive three-year term. The APS Treasurer is an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Board and serves as a financial advisor to the Foundation Board and as a liaison to the APS Council. The duties of the officers are those customarily pertaining to these offices unless otherwise defined by the Board of the Foundation in their Bylaws.

General Responsibilities of the Board​

The Board is responsible for the solicitation, investment, and distribution of the Foundation funds. These funds are maintained and invested separately from the normal operating budget of the society. The Board will function to:

  1. Identify and solicit sources of funds.
  2. Design a broad program for giving in keeping with potential donors, funding sources, and the objectives of the Foundation.
  3. Oversee investment of gift, bequest, and endowment funds.
  4. Identify and describe appropriate special projects for the use of gift, bequest, and endowment funds.
  5. Prepare and approve an annual operating budget and allocate Foundation funds for approved projects.
  6. Prepare reports on contributions to, and on the use of Foundation funds.
  7. Prepare and submit reports to the APS Council as requested.