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Executive Committee


The Executive Committee (EC) meets at the call of the President when Council is not in session for the purpose of conducting business that cannot be delayed until the next meeting of Council.

Organizational Structure

The EC shall consist of the Officers of the Society: President, President Elect, Vice-President, Immediate Past President, Internal Communications Officer, Treasurer, Senior Councilor-at Large, and Executive Vice President (nonvoting).  Four of the EC's seven voting members shall be a quorum for conducting business, and four votes are necessary to carry an issue.

General Responsibilities

  1. The President is the presiding officer of the EC and prepares a report to Council of all decisions and recommendations of the EC.
  2. Council will review actions of the EC, as necessary, for possible appoval or ratification.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. EC will will review the APS Strategic Plan twice per year to assess progress toward goals, and assess progress of individuals or groups towards meeting specific objectives enumerated in the Strategic Plan, and to consider possible revision of the Strategic Plan.
  2. The Immediate Past President and/or the Internal Communications Officer will prepare an annual report on progress towards goals of the Strategic Plan for distribution to Council and possible publication in Phytopathology News.